Neiman Marcus - Additional 25% off (6-23)

  1. I just got the flyer for an extra 25% off sale merchandise....starting this Friday...I am absolutely positive that the presale has already begun..

    Happy shopping....I'm already plotting out which day I'll be able to go...
  2. Wow! I wonder if they will have it online too. I THINK they are having the second round of markdowns tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Is Chanel cambon included in this?
  4. Do you have take this flyer with you for the additional percentage off? Or is it for anyone in the store that day?
  5. I noticed some markdowns online today

  6. I found a suit that I want to buy for work. Does anyone have a NM discount code I can use?
  7. Just came back from NM in Las Vegas and here is what they had:

    Pink/Black small tote

    White/black small tote

    Pink/black camera bag

    Pink/black pochette

    Pink caviar mini tote (top handle very small)
  8. flyer needed at all.

    One drawback about Neimans though is that they only take cash, amex, or Neimans credit card.
  9. Hopefully they will have what I want online or else I might have to get my own NM card
  10. Thanks for that answer!! They don't take MC or Visa? That's kinda weird...:huh:
  11. Is this just in stores? The bag I want is available online but the price hasn't changed to reflect an extra 25% off but went to the store and they didn't have the bag anymore- but they had an extra 25% off....


    By the way- Fashion Island has a lot of pink Chanel Cambon on sale...
  12. I believe it is just in the stores for now. I'm not sure when it hits online. Perhaps the holiday weekend?
  13. I just got a pair of Pradas,Chanels,and TODS shoes for over 50% off ...woohoo! LOVE THIS SALE!( I spent 550 on all 3 pairs!!LOL!)