Neiman Marcus Ad

  1. Has anyone seen the Neiman Marcus ad in February's Vogue with the black Chanel tote bag? It's fantastic!!! It's a large vinyl tote with chain handles. Sorry I do not have a scanner at home.
    If anyone has any info, could you let me know?

    Thanks so much.

    *it's shape is similar to the GST.
  2. Kind of sounds like the upcoming patent modern chain I saw in the look book today?
  3. Oh, that Vogue ad really caught my eye too! :yes:

    Here's some pics...
    Chanel.JPG Chanel  2.JPG
  4. Thats the one in the look book!
  5. That bag is awesome.
  6. Do you remember the price?
  7. Bag!
  8. It was either 2400 of 2700. I'll find out when I go back.
  9. That is one hot bag.
  10. Does anybody know if i can buy this bag in the U.K. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: I would be really grateful for some advice it is years since i purchased i Chanel handbag buy now is really love some of all over again.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. Me likey :graucho:
  12. Me too!
  13. I think that's the large luxury line bag for spring. At least that's what the SAs in Palo Alto were saying.
  14. It's a new bag in the LBC line. It is $2,750. NM bought it in white, DK navy, Black patent.

  15. What other colors does it come in ??? :drool: