Neiman Marcus 6 months financing promotion?

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  1. Hi does anyone know when Neimans is gonna do the 6 months no interest financing on chanel handbags??
  2. good question- hopefully soon!
  3. As far as I know as long as you purchase using the NM card you can do the 6mo no interest financing anytime on any item.
  4. ^^^ I think you need to wait for the promotion to do the 6moths..
  5. ^I believe so too.
  6. You have to wait until they run the promotion again.
  7. I know that but does anyone know when they will be running it again?
  8. I think you can do it only on jewelry at any time. A handbag has to be during a promotion.

    What I've seen the past year is the promotions are not announced very far in advance--usually a couple of weeks, so even the SA's don't have a lot of advance notice.

  9. That is my understanding.. on an item that is over a certain amount

    of money you can do the 6 month financing.. has this changed???
  10. My NM SA just informed they will no longer be able to offer this promotion due to new credit card law... has anyone else heard this? This is BAD news

  11. I have heard it about other CC (Home Depot, Lowes - places like that) so this may very well be true for all companies .... boo!
  12. wow..wonder how this will effect big purchases....
  13. What do you mean???:biggrin:
    As I understand maybe they can offer no interest for a period of time, (but can't say no payments no interest.)

  14. Yes, I was informed about this also.