Neiman Marcus - 2 Days Only/ Extra 30% Off Last Call Online Clearance

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  1. Thank you for posting. I am so broke...after a few thousands at NM's previous event, again SAKS' upcoming another sale goes on...:crybaby:Happy shopping everyone!!
  2. i'm so pissed 'cause I bought a dress yesterday on the LC section! GRRRRRR
  3. Thanks for posting! I really shouldn't be buying anything, but I couldn't resist the extra 30% off and bought this Juicy cardigan, it's $104 plus another 30% off, is this a good deal?

  4. Great deals gals! Found a Philip Lim dress for $490, after the 30% off, only $343 - original price was $1400!!
  5. If your order hasn't been shipped, maybe you can cancel it and try to buy it again?
  6. I believe you are talking about this dress, isnt it?
    It is still in my cart...I couldn't make up my mind to get it because I am only this dress will be too long for me right? Super good buy tho!!:heart:

    quote=magendie;5933093]Great deals gals! Found a Philip Lim dress for $490, after the 30% off, only $343 - original price was $1400!![/quote]
  7. yea I already tried to call them and they won't let me cancel. NM people are mean =( They phone lady hung up on me mid sentence.
  8. Hi there! Im only 1 1/2 inch taller than you but think the dress will still look ok, as long as it's fitted and I wear heels : - ) Such a good bargain...we can always return if it doesnt work out :P
  9. Hi mag, hmmm it sounds good:P...I just placed like 3 orders...I try not to browse their site...but it can't stop me from purchasing...because I will come here and take ppl's advice!!!
  10. Yes! I did the same, after getting the Philip Lim, I also found the sequined Robert Rodriguez dress in my hard to resist!! I closed down my browser right after the purchase to stop me from doing any further damage since I just spent at the recent 2x2 promotion! Glad you found some goodies, hope they all work out great for you!
  11. I got a cashmere sweater for $67.

    Free shipping on any order with code NMAPR.
  12. Got these two dresses. Not sure if they'll look good on me but the price was too good to pass:

  13. I love this dress and it was a great price too. Was going to order that as well, but I have bought too many things lately so I passed. Congrats!
  14. Thank you so much! I hope it fits (everything always looks so good on the models:graucho:)