Neiman Marcus $100 off a pair of shoes!

  1. I got a card in the mail from NM for $100 off a pair of shoes.

    It says:

    In celebration for our 100th anniversary, have we got a fabulous deal just for you: take $100 off a pair of regular-priced ladies' shoes when you spend $300 during THE ACCESSORIES EVENT, September 27-29.

    Fine Print says:
    Offer Valid only for In-Story purchases; only one $100 certificate per customer, please, while supplies last. Ladies' shoe certificate must be redeemed by September 29, 2007.


    Who else got it??? What are you planning on buying??? I can't really belive NM is gonna let me have a pair of Louboutins or manolos with a $100 discount:wtf:

    Does anyone have more info???

    Finally, I don't think this was already posted, but it that's the case I'm sorry!
  2. Wow, I'm going to have to check my mail carefully tonight. Does that mean its $100 off a $300 or more purchase though? I'm a little confused....
  3. the card makes it sound like you get $100 off a pair of shoes when you spend $300 during the "accessories event", which makes me think you don't need to spend the $300 on shoes. i got the card, too, definitely gonna go shop with it.
  4. i got the card too! will buy my first pair of Louboutin shoes! so excited!
  5. I checked with my SA and she said that it's only one $100 certificate for anything purchased over $ the most bang for the buck will be with just ONE pair of shoes :p darn them!
  6. Do you have to have a NM card to get one? TIA
  7. mine came in the mail, so i assume they are sending them to cardholders. maybe there is some way to get them from the store, too--i honestly don't know.
  8. i'm a little confused, it says you get a $100 certificate when you purchase over $300 in shoes instore. So does that mean i get $100 off that day or is it for future use?
  9. Well, this just bites! I am a NM cardholder, where is my coupon???
  10. I know right?!
  11. My SA told me that it's $100 off the purchase as long as it is between the 27th and 29th, like they subtract $100 from the total before tax. In my case, no tax, but before shipping fees.
  12. Ditto!

    I hope it comes today. I mean they send me enough other junk mail.
  13. Hmm....In store only - might be why I didn't get one.
    There are no stores in Indiana.....but I love the no sales tax!!!
  14. argg where is mine?? i shop at NM all the time w/ my NM card. I wonder if they will give it to me w/o a coupon.
  15. Well I don't think that you even need the flyer, really - nothing indicates that as the case.