Neiman Marcus 10% Off - IN STORE Only!

  1. i've got this through email - enjoy!

  2. thanks for posting!!
  3. awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for posting!:jammin:
  5. Thanks!! I saw a great pair of Brian Atwood pirate boots the other day!
  6. woohoo 10% off . Thanks!!
  7. wow thanks!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks - I just saw a bag I liked there last weekend!:smile:
  9. anyone used it? does it work in every store? the coupon says at last call clearence center so my guess is it only works in a store that is having last call sale. Right?
  10. I think this only works at the Last Call clearance Outlet stores and not the regular NM stores. I have a clearance store in my city so I will definitely use the coupon- thanks for posting!
  11. Darn, missed out again. I need to move near better stores.
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