Neiman Last Call (Outlet) inventory after Last Call in store sales...

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  1. What's the difference.

    I am curious about the NM Last Call in Atlanta specifically... but all responses are appreciated.

    I'm wondering how much better the inventory gets after the sale in the stores ends. I know that the NM in Atlanta sends all of their stuff to the Last Call store, but does it all go out onto the floor immediately?

    I know that there is a TON of stuff left at the retail store and am wondering if it actually ends up going to the LC store and how long it will take to show up.

  2. anyone? the end of the Last Call sale is creeping up!
  3. The sales at the Last Call are usually their ploy to clear out their existing inventory to make room for the stuff that comes from the full-priced stores. From what I've seen, it takes about 2-3 months, sometimes longer for the merch to go from the clearance rack on the full-priced store to the racks on the Last Call stores. But, I'm out west so maybe their distribution systems are different, I don't know.