Neiman has medium gray edith in...

  1. I just got off the phone with jason in Neiman San Diego. They just got in medium edith in gray in. Call him and he can send it to you. He is my favorite SA .:nuts:
    His number is 1800-200-0522,ext 2274.
  2. Thanks! I wonder how dark the grey really is -- it seems light in some pictures that I've seen, but then I've also read it's actually a bit darker... hm... anyone here has one already?
  3. Yes just check the Chloe forum. Someone just got theirs and posted beautiful photo's of it!!!
  4. Saw it! I wasn't too crazy about the color at first, but now it's definitely growing on me! Argh! Can't have Edith in *all* colors, that'd just be mad!
  5. hehe,., all the madness for Edith. All colors are gorgeous and it is such a pain that sometimes you have to choose among those gorgeous bags.:sick:
  6. You have NO idea!:lol: :shame: :wacko:
  7. Chloe....Thanks for the BAG!!!and Jason is just fabulous!!!!
    I told my friend Joyce to contact him too.
  8. The grey Edith is beautiful. NM-Houston had the grey as of Wednesday. Probably is gone by now, but you could try. They are keeping it in the back. Edith is growing on me. I returned my chamois, but I was really tempted to buy the grey. The leather is gorgeous in grey.
  9. I'm going to NM Houston today in hopes of seeing the grey! Just to satisfy my curiosity of course.... there will be no exchange. =)