neiman gold chanel, do I need it?

  1. Okay, took advice, have pink and red!!! (Will send pics) also black and navy. Saw gold Chanel in Neiman catalogue, do I really need this? I could spend the money on myself (personal trainer, hair, etc. Etc.) Instead of a,other purse! Help! Don't want to be impulsive! That's why I hate cata&quotl;ogues! Anyone seen it? Opinion!
  2. Need is a very bad word on this board...... we replace it with WANT. :roflmfao:

    I'm all for enabling, so I'm probably not the person to ask...... :shame:
  3. We don' NEED any of this stuff! You are so on the mark! And my husband like most men would say "It's. A bag!" You are an enabler, we all are, that's why we are on this forum LOL!!!!I'll think on it!!!
  4. Unfortunately, the link doesn't show a bag..
    but if you're already questioning it, my guess is you don't need it. I had the same feeling with a silver one just recently. I still love to have it, but I don't need it and will rather spend that money on something else (which is quite a big amount when you compare it to other things..)
  5. need? no!
    want? yes!
  6. Is it the bag that is in the Christmas book with the distressed HW? I love it and I'm usually not even a fan of gold! You don't need it, but if you have the means and really want it, go for it.
  7. oh i saw that in the NM catalogue. it's hot!
  8. Sometimes we ALL need a new Chanel bag!!

  9. Exactly! Let's all go get new Chanels!
  10. ^-- I'm down for a new Chanel!!!! :graucho:
  11. I saw it also and it looks gorgeous, but if it is not really calling you then use the money o your PT, hair etc.
  12. Can Somebody Post A Pic Please?
  13. Will try to post pic, There are always gold Chanels on eBay. I would love to buy this bag, But it's defintly an "extra Chanel," more special occasion, I think the money can go toward maintaining myself! We gals who like luxury goods usually are high maintenance! The greatest purse does not come before our looking good! LOL I am going to think this one over very carefully before buying impulsively!
  14. Well, thanks for answers. the consensus was mixed.:shrugs: Anyway, it is sold out,:lol: period, and I got more info on it. It is calfskin, not lambskin, not caviar. It is "distressed", I beleive metallic, crinkled, with black accents in it. Without seeing it, I would say hard to decide if the color would justify that type of leather finish.:confused1: I think I have seen these gold Chanels in a smoother lambskin finish...anyone know? So fate decided the issue...may reissue another gold bag in Spring they say, but what type of finish, I do not know. I think would have to see it! Anyone familiar with that "distressed" finish for future reference?:s