Neiman Double Discount for SA's

  1. :biggrin: My friend who works in the Chanel store told me NM employees are getting double their discount. I don't know anyone that works at NM but thought I'd pass it along in case any of you have a SA who might hook you up.
  2. oh wow! imagine the savings!
  3. If only working at NM paid more than physical therapy. Oh, well I suppose my patients would miss me.
  4. Out of curiosity, how much DOES a NM SA make? Does anyone know? I've never worked in retail so I have no clue. :blink:
  5. WoW! If only I had a friend that worked at Neiman's. Just think of the savings on all those Chanel bags I could have!!!!
  6. No idea... I do wonder though!

    Do they just simply work on comission or do they get paid normally and get plus commission? :huh:
  7. They get paid differently by dept. Mainly it is commission only. It's a really wierd set up, not the traditional commission based selling. I've heard that it has it good points and bad ones too...

    As for the discount, I believe that it is like 30% off... but on certain depts.
  8. The discount varies...higher in some departments than others. They really have rules on that, but it is great if you have your eye on something. The savings is lovely.
  9. My girlfriend who used to work at NM's told me they get 30% discount at most departments. On double discount days is 30/30. Nice!
  10. I have 2 close friends that works at NM, one is working in Contemporary (where all the SFAM, TR, Juicy Couture) and she makes approximately $2k biweekly. The other works in handbag and she makes about the same but never lower than $1200.
  11. ^ oh and that is during non-holidays pay.
  12. I am stunned. I had no idea SAs made that much....
  13. whoa, that's a lot of money for working in retails. May be we all should start working there to satisfy our needs. hehehehe.
  14. yea I'm thinking of applying to Neiman's for a weekend job. I have to quit my job and only work on weekends because of school. =(
  15. oh WOW, that's a LOT! And plus the discounts!!! Maybe I should consider a career change LOL...