Neiman designer bags presale

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  1. Excuse me if this has already been posted: my SA called me today, she said the designer handbags presale will start the coming Thursday. Most of the brands, except LV, including Chanel, will participate. If you need the SA name, please msg me.

    BTW, who knows what Chanel bags will be on sale in previous years? I was in a hurry today so forgot to ask for more details. I'll pay a visit tomorrow, and post if find out more info.
  2. Do you happen to know what the discount will be? NM here doesn't have CHanel, arrrgh :sad:
  3. I was driving today so didn't ask much. I'll try find out more and post. Probably will be the same as usual, if someone knows..
  4. I would like to know more details, including the contact information of your SA, please!? Many thanks!
  5. Whats the usual sale deduction?
  6. Ooohh do they have any reduction on classic items :biggrin:
  7. unfortunately classic items are never discounted and never go on sale
  8. Classics never go on sale.

    I just wanted to ask if this will include accessories or if it's just bags? I'd love to get the Chanel "wellie" boots and some costume jewelry.
  9. I forget how it works.. THey mark the bag down and then offer 25% on the markdown.. or do they just do the markdown and then in a few weeks mark down and again.... I can not remember for sure.. This pre-sale is early...The month of may is not over yet
  10. When will the SA know the sale list? Who knows? Thanks!
  11. Okay, I just talked to her over the phone. She said the discount will be around 30%. No classics will be on sale, mostly are handbags that are 2-3 seasons back.
  12. cocolan, the sale applies to all NM right? Not sure if I could get to Palo Alto this Thurs since I can't get off work. :crybaby: I def will try to head to SF NM though.
  13. I think it's all NM, but better call and confirm. And the store open time can be different - my SA told me PA store *may* open earlier on that day than usual. She suggests arriving there around 9:15am. You may want to find out if it's the same in SF NM.
  14. what day does it start??
  15. Coming Thursday May 24.