neiman bags that are not available

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  1. I have been checking on the last call, hoping that some kooba's will go on sale, why do they keep so many bags up on the site that are not available, hope some one can tell me why, thanks.:confused1:
  2. hmmm, wonder if they pop back up when the bags are returned?
    you can bookmark the page and check back periodically to see if it's back in stock.
  3. Because often they only have 1 or 2 available and they sell out quick. They should remove them from their site, but sometimes they become available again too. I have gotten two Kooba Annie Corsets @156 and 1 Natalia @134 in like the past month and a half, so you can definitely Kooba bags cheap there. Just keep checking.
  4. I see what you mean. Usually when a bag is sold it it becomes unavailable and then removed from the live site fairly quickly. But in this case it seems like all those Michael Kors bags are hanging around! Maybe the programmer missed making this brand's bags disappear when sold!
  5. does not have real-time inventory updates.

    It's a very poor experience for a lot of tpf'ers, especially when you see that awesome deal and ordered it only to have it cancelled a few days later.
  6. I did complain to last year when I got too many "unavailable". It was so frustrating.:smash: