Neiman Adding Right Now

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  1. CHECK IT OUT:yahoo: AND ...BE FAST
  2. Adding? Can you specific? :confused1: thanks~
  3. Not seeing anything new... maybe I missed all the new adds already??
  4. They definitely added a couple of dresses etc. It may only be certain sizes, like returns or releasing shopping carts. Currently contemplating something I don't need...
  5. I have that Gryson in brown, bought it 3 weeks ago and it was 273...hey maybe I should call and get a price adjustment:graucho:. It is nice and a great smaller sized purse.
  6. I think you have either 10 days or two weeks to get a price adjustment. You just missed out. I missed out by one day once. Boy was I mad.
  7. The purse is now on the NM site for $271 I paid $273...tongue in cheek comment

  8. lol, I got it and laughed when I read that. Funny thing though is that I'm sure there are some ppl that would ask for an adjustment still. LOL!
  9. Oops! I didn't actually look at the difference in price! haha. funny!

    Anyway, after refreshing every once in a while, I saw this baby come up and almost choked!

    I bought it in black and while I was talking to the SA on the phone, the bag was gone.
    She said she had it in the computer and it was locked down, but we'll see what happens. :lol:

    Does anyone have this bag?
  10. I got a Burberry the other night, luckily!
  11. Gone! Gone!
  12. I ordered this bag a couple of days ago and almost immediately cancelled once I found this picture - it looked too big for me. I can never tell by the mesurements alone - always need a visual :smile:. I hope you like it though!
  13. Omgsh ! Good decision hun that bag is seriously fugly in the first picture.