Neiman 2nd cut Starts Friday 6/22

  1. Neiman is going to have a 2nd cut Friday with extra 25% off.
    I am able to pre-sold 2 MJ bag this morning and pick up on Friday:wlae:
  2. Is this just the boutique or the Last Call as well?
  3. Most likely just the boutique, not Last Call.
  4. Hopefully on line too.
  5. i thought the 2nd cut was today?
  6. me too :confused1:. My SA called to tell me that the price of 4 pair of shoes I have on hold have been marked down again:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. It's for all sale items right?? I was waiting for additional % off for my shoes :smile:
  8. oh whoo hoo, right on my birthday :} But I had just gotten something from Saks :snaps fingers: oh well doesn't hurt to go look