Neima Marcus Last Call in Atlanta

  1. Just a head's up that they have gotten in a LOT of new handbags! I saw many Isabella Fiore, some Fendi, Kooba, Mulberry, BE &D, Lambertson Truex, Stella McCartney, and lots of colorful Marc Jacobs. In my mind their prices were still high considering how they sell them online-but there are some nice bags. The Mulberry's were Emmy and Bayswater with the butterfly on it. They also had a Chloe but it was still very expensive.:yes: They also got some beautiful shoes by Prada, Mahnolo Blahnik, and other designers. I got a pair of Valentinos for $298 originally $650.
  2. Thanks for posting--do you know what kind of fendis they had?
  3. i was at one of the atlanta locations yesterday and they also had several balenciaga bags, although not the motorcycle style.
  4. It was the Fendi bucket bag style in all black.
    [​IMG]It was suede, and I believe that they had two of them.
  5. Do you know what kind of MJ bags they had??? thx
  6. There were all kinds, in butter, mahogany, nutmeg, apricot, green etc. I think Sophies, Stellas and large totes and the apricot one was smaller with pockets. I can't remember the name.:crybaby:
  7. Thanks for posting! I wonder when the LA Neiman will have their last call sale.
  8. Do you know if they sell any Dior?