Neil Degrasse Tyson

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  1. 1201-neil-degrasse-tyson-doc-launch-tmz-9.jpg NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON ADMITS PARTS OF SEX MISCONDUCT CLAIM

    3:00 PM PT -- Tyson's responded to the multiple allegations -- with his personal account of each one -- in a long online post titled "On Being Accused." He says he welcomes and will fully cooperate with an impartial, independent investigation into the claims.

    Tyson insists he didn't grope Allers, but simply searched under the covered part of the shoulder of her sleeveless dress to check out her tattoo. He says he found out she thought it was creepy 9 years later, and is "deeply sorry to have made her feel that way."

    As for his former assistant, Tyson admits to clumsily telling her ... "If I hug you I might just want more," but claims the 2 had a genuine friendship and denies any sexual misconduct.

    Neil ends his post by asking ... "I’m the accused, so why believe anything I say? Why believe me at all?"

    [​IMG]"Cosmos" host and renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson's employers are investigating multiple allegations of sexual misconduct involving co-workers and colleagues years ago.

    FOX and National Geographic, which co-produce "Cosmos", say they are looking into the allegations which surfaced this week. Patheos published the claim from Bucknell University Professor Dr. Katelyn Allers that Tyson groped her in 2009.

    She claims they met at the American Astronomical Society's conference in Long Beach, CA, and that Tyson took an interest in her solar system tattoo ... which starts on her arm and extends onto her back. She claims he grabbed her arm and followed the planets into her dress. She didn't describe it as an assault, but more like "creepy behavior."

    One of Tyson's former assistants, Ashley Watson, told Patheos she eventually quit because he made multiple sexual advances, and made misogynistic comments around the workplace.

    We've reached out to Tyson's office, but no word back yet.

    Originally PublIshed 9:34 AM PT
  2. Is no one well behaved? I'm getting sexual harassment fatigue
  3. I'm totally shocked by this.
  4. I don't know what to think or say. It's good that bad people like Harvey Weinstein are being held accountable but is every little or big thing going to be reported/publicized?

    or maybe not so little. someone is saying he drugged and raped her.....don't know what to think
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  5. Yes, something could have been handled privately.
  6. I guess those days are over
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  7. This is the least surprising thing in the world to me. He has an obviously inflated ego and little regard for others.
  8. I have tattoos on my arms and shoulders and have had men inquire and then move part of my top along the shoulders to look at them. With and without asking. I never took offense even if it was a bit awkward. Part of having something that draws attention (positive and negative). That said, I like it better when people ask and not just invite themselves.

    At worst, an invasion of personal space. Sexual misconduct is a stretch...
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  9. Right but there is another woman who is claiming he drugged and raped her.
  10. oh damn!
  11. from NPR - see last paragraph
    Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has responded to recent allegations of sexual misconduct by posting a lengthy statement online, in which he denies wrongdoing and says he welcomes an impartial investigation by the producers of his show Cosmos.

    "In any claim, evidence matters. Evidence always matters. But what happens when it's just one person's word against another's, and the stories don't agree? That's when people tend to pass judgment on who is more credible than whom," wrote Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

    Three woman have come forward with accounts of experiences with Tyson that disturbed them, according to the website Patheos.

    The most recent episode was earlier this year. Ashley Watson worked briefly as an assistant and driver for Tyson, while the show Cosmos was filmed in Santa Fe, N.M. She says that on May 16, as the show was just about to wrap up production, Tyson invited her to join him in his apartment for wine in the evening after work.

    Watson tells NPR that she went because she thought he wanted to talk about her continuing to work as his assistant when the show moved on to filming in Europe.

    Instead, she says, he put on music by Nina Simone, opened wine and began pulling cheese from the fridge. She recalls that he had taken off his shoes and was wearing a tank top. "I remember thinking, 'This is a lot of skin for me to be seeing on my boss,' " Watson says. "The vibe was just kind of weird." She says Tyson spoke about the stresses of his job and how he needed a "release."

    Later, as she was leaving, she says Tyson said he wanted to show her a Native American handshake that involved feeling each other's pulses and staring into each other's eyes to make a spiritual connection. Watson says she did this for about 10 seconds but was extremely uncomfortable and says she thought to herself, "You're supposed to be very smart, why can't you pick up that I don't want to touch you right now?"

    She also says he put both hands on her shoulders and told her that he wanted to hug her badly, but if he did, then he would just want more. Watson says she was shaken by the interaction but felt like she needed references and recommendations so she planned on just working the last few days of the Cosmos filming.

    The next night, however, in the car, she says that Tyson told her that she was too "distracting" to work as a producer. She was so angered by this that the next day she quit and told one of the show's producers why. He asked whether she wanted to file a formal complaint. "I just didn't want to make a fuss," Watson says. Instead, they agreed that she would explain her abrupt departure by saying she had a family emergency.

    In his statement, Tyson said he invited her to his place as a "capstone" to their friendship and said he had no idea she was uncomfortable. He remembers offering the Native American handshake, as it is something he saves for new friends. He said that Watson frequently hugged people on the set and that he declined those hugs, and "on a few occasions, clumsily declared, 'If I hug you I might just want more.' My intent was to express restrained but genuine affection."

    Tyson also said in his statement he did not mean to make a fellow scientist uncomfortable when he examined her solar system tattoo, looking for Pluto.

    "I only just learned (nine years after) that she thought this behavior creepy," he wrote. " That was never my intent and I'm deeply sorry to have made her feel that way."

    The most serious allegation against Tyson is from someone who says that he drugged and raped her back in the 1980s, when they were both in graduate school. In his statement, Tyson said that they dated briefly but that the alleged rape never happened.
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  12. I’m calling ******** on the “restrained but genuine affection” line. You don’t say “I might want more” in any other way than to imply you want to have sex with someone.
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