Neighbours Are Furious With Geri Halliwell...

  1. Geri builds 12ft wall around her £4 million home
    Geri Halliwell has angered her neighbours by building a 12ft brick wall around her home

    She is known for being fiercely protective of her privacy.

    But Geri Halliwell's latest attempt to remain as private as possible has resulted in a fallout with neighbours over the building of a 12ft brick wall around her property.
    The Spice Girl, who moved to a leafy suburb of North London this year, has already started the imposing structure outside the £4million home, where she lives with one-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna.
    In keeping with the current Hollywood trend, Miss Halliwell has deemed herself suitably sought after to warrant such a measure – even though her house boasts a state-of-the-art security system.
    But residents in her street complained the wall, which prevents anyone from seeing into the property from street level, is an eyesore.
    It is the only property in the road, near some of the world's most expensive homes, to have such a security measure.
    "When Geri moved in we assumed she would want privacy, but none of us expected her to build such a big ugly wall," one neighbour told The Mail on Sunday. "At first a wooden structure went up and we thought it was just a temporary thing while she had some work done to the property but then the bricklayers arrived and we realised it was going to be a permanent wall.

    The wall which has sparked fury in Geri's neighbourhood

    "It's a beautiful and very residential street but Geri's house looks like a prison.

    "It's a monstrosity of a thing. There are always photographers outside her property but the wall just seems to make her house stand out even more.
    "We don't know whether she had to apply for planning permission but frankly we're surprised that the local council would allow such a thing.
    "If Geri wanted Fort Knox-style security, she should have chosen to live in a gated property."
    The singer, 34 – reuniting with the other Spice Girls for a world tour starting this year – is said to be 'paranoid' about her security.
    She was burgled six years ago when raiders targeted her £1.5 million Notting Hill flat, taking £80,000 of jewellery and leaving obscene graffiti on her walls.
    Miss Halliwell then moved to a £5million, eight-bedroom Georgian townhouse where she had 24-hour guards and German Shepherd guard dogs.
    When she gave birth to her child Miss Halliwell decided to move from West London to North London.

    Although the road is quiet, she told friends she felt she needed more security.
    One said: "She's very happy there and loves taking Bluebell and her dogs for walks. But safety for them both is the most important thing to her." A spokesman for Miss Halliwell confirmed she does have planning permission for the wall.
  2. God how awful. I can fully understand Geri's need or want for security but I can also see if from the neighbour's point of view.

    She should have chosen to live in a house on its own or in a Gated Property. I would hate to look out of my property and see a bloody great wall, and the neighbour is right, it just makes Geri's house stick out even more.
  3. IMO, if she wants a wall up like that, then let it be! Maybe she feels more safe that way. THe neighbors are just mad bc they want to keep her in check all the time. lol
  4. Hmmm, I think I'd be pretty peeved too. But...Whatever!
  5. I agree. The neighbor said that they could see onto her property. If she wants a wall then she should be able to do it. I have a 6 foot brick wall enclosing my back yard and that is pretty typical in my area.
  6. ^
    THe problem is, it's not very typical in HER area aparantly. If you live in a community close to your neighbours you can't just go ahead and build whatever you want on your property and think it's ok. I don't know how law regulations are around her area, but here she would've have to tear it down if she hadn't applied for it and alerted the neighbours. She could always move to another place if she doesen't like it there.
  7. Actually, if I am not wrong, she lives in the same area as I do and I can confirm almost everybody has hugh walls around their houses.

    The problem is she has an ugly wall whereas everybody else has "fancy" black fences with a black panel behind them. They are obvious but not hard on the eye.
  8. maybe she should get a prettier wall. I'd be pretty pissed if I paid £10 mill ++ for a house, only for my neighbour to put up a really ugly wall that looks like something temporary and that clashes with the overall style of the neighbourhood in my area.

    The lady has a £12 million house, so you'd think she can afford something better looking! :yes:
  9. True it is her own property, but it is an ugly wall. If she wanted that much privacy, move to the countryside! It is a bit bothersome when you work hard to make your own house look nice and then a neighbor has something awful-looking next door, with no consideration for the rest of the neighborhood.
  10. Yeah, I agree with the neighbors.
  11. She should just go buy a nice big home in the middle of a grassy field where no one gives a damn what she builds.
  12. I just don't understand how they say the wall is ugly and it isn't even built yet. If that picture is the finished product then...yeah that is pretty ugly but I doubt it. I think having a 12 foot tall fence is a little over the top but if that is what she needs to feel safe. At the end it says that she has permission so she isn't breaking any laws.
  13. The wooden wall in the pic is NOT the final wall, it's the temporary wall. The brick wall, the beginnings which can be seen in front of the wooden fence matches her house.
  14. Yes a 6ft wall IS typical - but this is 12ft! Its a little extreme. And we have them around the Back garden but not normally around the fronts - don't you agree?
  15. I live in a relaxed yet very political housing area. since we are close to the shores we often hear about neighbors bickering like this. It takes a long time to get approval to do renovations in my area (the council is so lousy) it really is who you know and what you donate. Alone renovations can take 6 moths to a year, a whole rebuilt house can be up to 3 years that ive heard. but i think if its your property you can do what you want. about a year ago we were upset with our neighbors that put a fence (not this extreme) around their home and cut of some of our water views (not much 5-6 degrees of our 180) it sucks and if we sell the house it cant be marketed as a fully west wides view. But guess its legal and theirs nothing we can do about it.

    Similarly we were looking at purchasing a house in a nearby suburb (in the end we didnt) but it was a toatal knockdown job, we were going to rebuild it and take up our entire neighbors water views (as we were legally able) sure it would have significantly decreased the value of their home and they would try and stop it but we wont compromise (to a degree) our home for our neighbors home value?! Anyway the property fell through and we didnt win the bid, though the people who did win did as we were planning to do. So basically this is the way property is and should be you can do anything you want in your property as long as its legal, who's to judge whether or not it ties into the 'area trend'?