Neighbor making comments of what hes going to BUY once my dog bites him.


Dec 14, 2008
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One thing I would do is call the police and report what that this loser is harrassing you. That way, if the situation became escalated, there would be a record on file of what he's been doing.

My husband would tell the guy the dog isn't one he should be worried about!

ITA!!! :tup:

well if you think he's too crazy for the cops maybe you can ask your husband to take a video of him provoking while you walk the dog so if anything does happen it'll be like "well why were you poking the dog, crazy?"
Feb 10, 2008
I just had to post before reading any replies. That makes me so mad for you! If it were me, I would tell him to eff off. nuff said.


May 22, 2006
My thread got bumped. =)

Update: Its been a couple weeks now and there has been a large decrease of him walking around outside.

My dog is no longer interested in him when we do run into him and the crazy guy even realized it and once complimented on how good my dog has been.

I hope it stays this way. it's been peaceful ever since my last update.


Just relax...
Mar 25, 2007
That's great news, thanks for the update!

Sounds like your neighbor is the one that needs the muzzle...


Apr 27, 2006
- I would keep a notebook and write down dates, times, what he said (to the best of your memory), and I would call the police about it, perhaps once you have a nice little dossier on the nut.

With all the info, maybe down the line you may have to get a restraining order on him. The previous contact with police and the log book will help.

(I'm not in law enforcement, so I don't know if this would help, but it makes sense to me)

You could call the police and describe what is going on and ask what you should do - they may say the same thing re keeping track of the incidients...

Just some thoughts.

I would call the police simply because, if he takes you to court in the future, you will have something on record showing that he has been harassing you for quite some time and threatening to sue you before any danger arose. I would also document his comments re: taking your cars in a lawsuit.

ETA: Glad its gotten better!