Neice wants Dooney & Bourke

  1. Can anyone help me out on a thread or somewhere that I can find Dooney & Bourke for my neice. I'm a coach fanatic who knows nothing about D & B .. I'm in Canada so would like to buy it on eBay
  2. Does not ship to Canada? They have a sale section on their webpage (under specials) that you can find some great deals.
  3. the Bay sometimes has dooney.
  4. I'm sure you can find it on pp mentioned they have some cute one's under specials on their site right now. My sister is turning 16 in May and I'm thinking about getting one for her. I'm trying to decide between these two. My budget is $100 though, so I'm going to check out the outlets first. Sorry if I went too of topic.
  5. Yeah I just have no clue on authentic etc. on ebay ;) Those are cute purses! yes I hear you. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on my neice just yet. So thought D & B would be perfect. Thanks for your help Everybody.
  6. Hmm...I didn't even think about the fakes.:shame: There doesn't seem to be a D&B section on this forum either.
  7. I can do a reasonable job of spotting fake D&Bs if you want to PM me ones you're thinking about.

    There is an authenticate this Dooney thread somewhere on this here forum.
  8. I don't know if you get or watch QVC in Canada, but you could go on their website: When you get to their homepage, put your cursor on the word FASHION on the toolbar. It will bring down categories, click on handbags. It will take you to the handbag page, then on the left side of the page under SHOP BY BRAND, click on Dooney & Bourke. This will take you to the Dooney & Bourke page and you can shop from there. Also, right below the words SHOP BY BRAND, before you click to the Dooney Shopping page, there is a banner that says COMMUNITY. Below that you will see the words Dooney & Bourke, click on this and it takes you to the Dooney forum. You could ask the women on their any questions you might have about the bags. Sorry this is so long, hope I was clear on the directions. Of course you can go to e-bay and also to the Dooney & Bourke website as was previously mentioned. Good luck!!;)
  9. I would recommend going to the D&B website as well if they will ship to Canada. Ebay is also a good source, but there are fakes floating around, so be careful! There used to be a D&B forum on TPF, but its gone now :sad: If you can't find anyone that can authenticate a D&B bag on TPF, there are also people on Ebay that can help you. I can't remember how to find them exactly, but they are in the Ebay community. Good luck!
  10. A lot of discount stores like TJ MAXX, MARSHALLS usually have dooney's for good prices
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  12. not anymore, they took down all the Dooney and Bourke subforums....
  13. YEAH!!!!
    I just found out yesterday and I was overwhelmed with astonishment and joy! No one even told me The Bay sold Dooneys! I saw the monogram from a distance and thought it was a knockoff of D&B but NOPE! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I really REALLY thought they only had a market in the states.

  14. This Christmas I got my 11 year old neice her first Dooney. I got the IT Hearts Barrel bag NWT on ebay for 99.99. Now her birthday is in February and I already got her a Flap Tassle bag for about the same. Ebay is a great source of lower priced Dooney's and I don't think it's hugely counterfieted. The fakes I have seen are pretty easy to spot.