Negril, JA?

  1. Hey guys, bf and I are planning a trip to Negril mid August. Has anybody else been there? Any must-sees? Must-do's?

    We decided to go against an All-Inclusive cos I wanted to experience the local food and culture. This would give as a better opportunity to explore around.

    Would love any kind of input!!! :jammin:
  2. I haven't been to Negril, but I have been to Kingston. Personally, I do not care too much for Jamaica. The beaches in Kingston are nice, but they are all private owned, so it will cost you to walk along the sand. The cost of living is high for the locals, and they don't make much, so they will try to take advantage of the tourists. I went with my parents and sister on a cruise and while in port, we stopped at a resturant but decided to leave when we saw that one couple was being charged $40 USD for some toast and water. Be cautious of pick pocketers, also. It is a dangerous place to wander the streets. Be sure that you keep an eye on all of your posessions at all times. Also, be careful speaking to the locals. Most of them speak english, but they will try to take advantage of you. For example, my dad asked one of the locals for directions to a certain beach, and after the man gave my dad directions, he continued to follow us down the street until my dad tipped him. Very creepy. Not a friendly place to visit. I am not trying to discourage you from visiting Jamaica, but I think these are some things you should consider while you are there. On a different cruise we took to Barcelona, Spain, my dad got pick pocketed while we were walking along the street. Fortunately, he got his wallet back because he realized what the women were doing while they were robbing him and they dropped his wallet and ran. I would hate to hear that this happened to anyone else.
  3. I think Montego Bay might be more tourist friendly.
  4. I was in Negril last year. Its absolutely wonderful. People warned me about pickpocketers and beggers........we didnt' get that and even walked off of the resort into town to experience the culture. We were at an all inclusive but things are really not that expensive in Negril at least. The water is so clear you can be neck deep in and look down and see your feet clearly!

    I suggest snorkeling. Did that twice. The fish are like a box of crayola crayons - so bright and vibrant colors! Windsurfing is fun too. The sands are white (where we were) so just laying on the beach was great for me. The beaches were very very clean.

    Going to the street vendors was great too! They have some original art pieces and handmade bags too.

    The fruit is PHENOMINAL!:nuts: :love: The freshest you've ever had. Makes the local farmers market seem stale, seriously.

    If you go and get a chance, go to Kuyaba (on the Lengends resort property - Cindy Crawford and Bruce Willis have eaten there) and get the Coco bread ham/cheeseburger. I can't rave enough about it.

    I've heard some negative about Kingston too. I didn't go there so I can't comment.
  5. ^Mmmm sounds lovely.. I am super excited.. Mmmm I love fresh fruit! How was the seafood there? I'm expecting to eat alot of it! :yes:

    Did you get a chance to experience the nightlife?

    Was the local art expensive? Did yall pick anything up?

  6. cutiepie- anywhere you go, there's always "dangers". however, i have heard kingston is the inner city of jamaica. i've heard so much good things abt jamaica. hope you get to see it again in a better light! ;)
    negril has one of the best beaches.. 7 mile long public beach! (i've been doing alot of internet researching hahah)
  7. I'm glad you had a great time in Jamaica! My parents hated it so much they vowed never to return! haha. The beaches are very beautiful in Kingston, but not as nice as Aruba or Cayman Islands. There are a lot of swap meets that sell souveneers and those are very cheap. The prices are all negotiable and it's fun to shop and look at everything. I bought some wood carvings of a pair of elephants to hang on the wall as decoration.
  8. Negril and Kingston are on opposite sides of Jamaica. Perhaps Negril is safer. I hope you have fun! Let us know how it was!
  9. Ooops! I forgot to mention that Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville (nightlife) is on Seven Mile Beach (ask the resort staff or the locals for exact location, its really popular). Great drinks and atmoshpere. Check out Xtabi too. Nice social atmosphere and located on the west end on the cliffs.

    Art? Yes and no. We got smaller craft size items that would fit in the carryons b/c we didn't want to buy anything and have it damaged by the airline. They do sell small piecies of artwork that you could carry on.
  10. Cool guys, thanks for the info. Anyone else?
  11. I've been to Negril six or seven times, but unfortunately the last visit was in 1995. I loved each and every vacation there. It is heartening to know from the previous posts that the beach is still beautiful. I think it was the most perfect beach I have ever seen. We usually stayed at the Charella Inn, about midway along the seven miles. I don't know if it's still there, but it was a lovely, small place.

    There were always opportunities to do things... jet skis, snorkeling, etc., but my husband and I were content each trip to walk the beach and read books under a coconut tree.

    We were approached night and day by vendors wanting to sell us anything and everything. It was a nuisance, I have to say, but a stern, direct "NO THANK YOU" usually sent them on their way. I've heard that the Tourist Board has been working to halt the stop of these unsolicited annoying approaches by sellers, so I don't know if the situation has changed or not.

    Hope you enjoy your vacation. I have fond memories of Negril.
  12. i love negril. have a great time. my family and i would go there every year for spring break. have some patties - i think that is right. they are like empanades. we would rent a beach house and the housekeeper would make us them every day for lunch. delicious.
  13. Congrats on your vacation! I have been to Jamaica twice in the last year--once to Negril and once to Port Antonio.

    I loved both places. It's beautiful, the weather and beaches are perfect, and the locals were all very friendly.

    I stayed in a little villa on the beach in Negril b/c it was cheaper than the resorts in Montego Bay and we were literally right on the ocean. We had a balcony and patio and a full kitchen with a huge bed and AC and fans. It was blissful.

    My only warning is that if you walk along the beach in Negril at night, you will be approached by locals selling anything and everything. A stern, "No, thank you" is all it takes and after the second day they figure out who you are and that you aren't interested. I wouldn't walk along the beach after dark alone as a woman, though, just to be safe.

    Kingston is the big city, so naturally there is more crime there and it isnt as pretty.

    We loved Jamaica so much that we're looking to buy property there soon.

    If you're sure that you want an all inclusive resort, then I know there's a Sandals on Negril, which is probably all inclusive. If not, Montego Bay (very close to Negril) has lots of them.

    If you're interested in checking out the local cuisine (we had fresh lobster and seafood every night on the beach) then all you have to do is wander along Negril beach and find a place that looks appealling.

    Also, check out the jerk chicken/pork/etc. stands at some point--that food is awesome (but spicy)!

    If you want to know where I stayed, send me a PM and I'll give you details. Everything was perfect all around there, so I highly recommend it.

    Have fun!
  14. I too have been to Negril. It is a beautiful place. The beaches run and run and the locals are friendly.

    It is a little touristy. If somebody offers you a boatride to one of the deserted islands, beware, as they are packed with tourists and even sell t shirts on the beach lol!

    Yes, you will be pestered by locals, but as long as you are polite, and firm, they will leave you on your own, but it does take a little while to get used to it.

    Kingston is a long long way from Negril and no self respecting taxi would contemplate taking you there, it is just somewhere you would not go unfortunately. But if you can, take a horse ride into the sugar plantations, and take a ride on the glass bottomed boats, the fish are incredible. And you must go to Ricks Cafe one night for cocktails, and you will see the most amazing sunset that you have ever seen in your life :smile:

    Hope you have an amazing holiday
  15. we were there so many years ago but we stayed at a place called the rock house that we loved

    eta...i just googled it for you and found if you're interested in checking it out