Neglected Dogs Found In DMX's House Had Serious Wounds

  1. The neglected dogs found buried at troubled rapper DMX's Arizona home had serious bite wounds, according to reports.
    Police raided the rapper/actor's Phoenix home last month (24Aug07) and seized 12 distressed pitbull terriers, who had no food or water.
    Cops also found the buried remains of three other dogs.
    The star, real name Earl Simmons, insists he hasn't visited the property for two months and had asked caretaker Brad Blackwell to look after his pets.
    Authorities investigating the allegations of neglect revealed that one of the dead dogs had serious bite wounds, the other had trauma to its abdomen - while a third dog was burnt so badly the exam was inconclusive, reports
    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says, "We have 12 dogs who were abused and three dogs buried in the yard. Someone's going to have to pay."
    But DMX's lawyer insists his client is not to blame, saying, "How do you attribute activities to a person who has not been there, when they have knowledge that other persons have been? Is it because of the celebrity nature?"
    As yet, no charges against the rapper have been filed.
    Source: WENN
  2. that's absolutely horrible. Even if he wasn't there, I think it's his responsibility to make sure his dogs are being taken care of.
  3. Oh that's just wrong - with all his money you'd think he could hire at least one dog sitter!
  4. :mad::cursing: This makes me so MAD!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....why do people have to treat animals this way???

    Poor puppies......:crybaby:
  5. Yes it really boils my skin. ITs his responsability, if they were in his house its his dogs its his fault. If you really care for your animals you would go visit them or make time for so many dogs. Poor dogs. I would never let that happen to my dog. EVER!!!!
  6. So I guess if its the caretakers fault, he deserved what he got. If not, DMX is an idiot who has no idea what is happening in his own house? I find that hard to believe.
  7. If he cared he would. :cursing: Why do these people leave their dogs on property they never visit? The only reason anyone has that many pit bulls is to fight them.

    My boyfriend had a pit bull and she was the best dog. They can be such sweet dogs if they are given the chance.
  8. I hope DMX and ANYONE else who let these poor dogs suffer like this rot in jail!

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio is AWESOME when it comes to animal cruelty prosecution! Lets hope that he goes for the max!!!
  9. Poor dogs.
    I hope they throw the book at him...Vick needs a cellmate.
  10. Well said. Poor dogs, there is no excuse for this type of behavior.:crybaby:
  11. That's f'ed up! Hard to believe he had no idea if there was so much as buried dogs in the yard!