1. Seems to be alot of excitement here in BV and I truly understand why!

    Just wondering...anyone have any disappointments, negative feedback, issues regarding quality/workmanship...really anything regarding the bags?

    I have heard issues regarding fraying...thought maybe someone could elaborate on this.

    Anything you can share regarding the "negatives" would be well received in this thread. Speak up!
  2. I really have nothing negative to say - only positives. The leather is really beautiful. I'm embarrased to say i've often sniffed both my bag and wallet as they smell divine!
    I just love this brand. :heart:
  3. Sniffing is allowed!!! I sniff my bags too!!!
  4. :shame: i'm guilty of sniffing!

    perhaps because the leather is so soft, there might be the negative of wearing on corners, etc. over time, esp. if one does not baby the bag... but that is the price one pays for beautiful soft leather I guess--all leather wears or scuffs with it really is not a true negative!
  5. I think the interiors could have just a bit of organization--not sure how, but maybe an interior open pocket, a pen holder, etc. The cell phone holder is so snug I can barely get my phone into it.

    But the silkiness of the nappa leather, the workmanship, the timelessness of the styles--they have me hooked.
  6. Only the price!
  7. Has anyone purchased the shoes? I'm eyeing a pair of sandals but won't be able to try them on anywhere before I order them. Are they comfortable?
  8. i don't know about others but sometimes I get really paranoid that the color is fading a bit. Is it just me???
  9. Shoes are like butter!!! Try one pair and you will be hooked.
  10. Is this the case for all your bags? Cos my complaint for the Veneta is that the lil pocket for my cell is HUGE! So much so that my cell falls outta the pocket. :s And just for reference, my cell is a regular Nokia phone, so it's not particularly tiny or anything.
  11. My phone is a Motorola and not that thin. Guess they can't win, those things change so fast.
  12. i saw a faded camel colored BV and it was OBVIOUSLY faded like somebody got an eraser and erased it.
  13. I had problems with the braided handle tote which I bought in white and it had ugly yellow glue marks on the edges and even though I exchanged it twice all white bags had it but it wasn't a hassle at all to get my money back. It seems like BV had a problem with this style in white.
  14. Another vote for lack of organized space... a few more soft pockets and I'd be in absolute purse heaven. :yes:
  15. i totally second that. lol.