negative thinking, your views? Just how much does it influence your health?

  1. I listened to a programme tonight which really scared me! If anyone has heard of Jan De Vries? He is quite renowned in UK for being an expert in alternative medicines.
    Well he talked about how negative emotions impact on health! Really scared me, said he had a patient that always feared cancer then she got it! EEEEKKKK!! I have that fear!
    Anyone have any tips on how to get out of a lifelong pattern of fear?
    I do believe that negative emotions impact on health but I am totally at a loss on how to control them!
  2. Well, essentially they have shown that negative thinking does impact the immuine system. So here is one of the best books ever written that can help a person move to less negative thinking. When I was in clinical practice I had patients who were negative thinkers, and they did not need me once they got into the book.
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    Thanks Irish, I just went & bought that book on Amazon! I hope it helps me. I am a trained counsellor & have all the theory & do wonders for my clients but when it comes to me I am totally useless! Here's hoping the book will do the trick! Hope all is well with you {{hugs}}
  4. Yes I have dermatitis and it gets worse when I am stressed. Stress makes us release hormones which impact on the immune system. So whatever we are prone to can get worse...
  5. This kind of reminds me of The Secret (book and DVD) and how positive thinking affects your life.

    It may be weird, but my blood sugar is lower (in the normal range) now as opposed to a year and a half ago when I was under much more job and money stress. I really don't think it's coincidence.
  6. 'yes it sure does.....
    Its so hard to practice positive thoughts when there is so much negativity all around you...
    I was listening to a tape last night.
    The key is to replace the negative thoughts with a positive one.. and make sure it is a positive one that you believe.
    Negative thoughts are false, but the positive thoughts are true..
    I am trying now to replace the negative with the positve and it is so hard...
    I am going to get that book myself...
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    It sure is hard Addison! I am looking forward to receiving the book!
  8. also, a healthy belief/spiritual system might help you. helped me.

    I use to be that person that worried about every little thing. Now I have a much calmer mind and let things go as they are...
  9. Oh I do have a healthy spiritual belief but I just cannot overcome the negativity. Like you I worry about everything & there is so much negativity around it is so hard. Like just in the last few days 3 people that i know only in their 50's have died so it is so hard not to take that on & worry about myself or my loved ones getting ill & dying. It is always health that I worry about, nothing else affects me that bad!
  10. I agree with the sentiments expressed so far-chronic worries have worst health outcomes than non-worriers.

    But, I also have another belief that goes along with it. It's that positive thoughts alone are not enough, you have to put action to it. For example, I believe in prayer about health conditions, but I also believe in doing everything in the natural that I can to manage my conditions. That means taking medications, going to my doctor's visits, etc.

    So optimism + action to me is much more important than having positive thought mantra. Besides that, if you have a hard time staying positive-you can "fake it untill you make it," meaning, let your thoughts follow your actions.

    For example, if you are a depressive, the last thing you want to do is get out and be around people or do anything when you are having an episode. If you "do what a happy person would do," go out, laugh, go to a movie instead of mulling around, you are going to "trick your brain," into thinking, well I'm out, I must be feeling better. It's just a little reverse self-psychology I guess.

    Sorry this is long, but having lots of health problems myself, and experiencing a lot of deaths in my family to mostly cancer... I can see the difference between pessimism/optimism.