NEGATIVE LV comments...

  1. :yes: OK, everyone I know you all understand how much we all are obsessed with Louis Vuitton. :heart: We all practically know the history, names of bags, when they came out and if they're limited edition and etc...

    Well, a close friend of mine who is not familiar with LVs was asking me why they cost so much. (She is a fan of Coach and DB, eventhough she can afford LV) Implying that it was ridiculous to pay that much for a bag that's leather. I then said that the monogram is NOT fully leather and that it is mostly coated canvas and that the vachetta is the only leather on the bag. She freaked out even more saying that if it's not leather, why do YOU pay so much??? She then started questioning me..Is it cause of the brand name? Saying that's crazy because she never knew and now that she knows it's even crazier! :crybaby:

    I was shocked because she knows how much I love LV and it makes me happy. I told her that it's my choice to spend that kind of money and it's my hobby. Anyways, I felt terrible. :hysteric:

    Have you ever been in this situation like this before?
  2. How awful that she made you feel terrible about something you love! :rant:

    I have never had the identical situation but my sister hates LV and constantly tells me that it is ridiculous to pay so much for a purse and how one of my bags could pay the mortgage for a month. It takes all I can muster to not get mad at her. I don't talk about LV at all around her any more. :sad:
  3. It sounds like she doesn't know what she is talking about.

    Coach and Dooney are less expensive largely because they are made in China. LV is made in the EU and the USA, therefore they used skilled craftspeople to create the merchandise, and these people probably make an excellent wage. It's not just about the (magnificently high quality) materials used in the bag. The cost is determined also by labor, marketing, and so on.
  4. I'm sorry you feel terrible but really, you shouldnt. Some people just dont "get it" you know... And they probably never will - which is fine. She likes DB and Coach and you may never "get it" either so...To each his own right? Just go with what makes you happy and do as you please. Arent you glad to be in this forum where most everybody SO gets it?;)
  5. I live in a small Nebraska town and never saw anyone here with a LV bag. Honestly the only way I saw LV is thru magazines and TV. But my obession grew and grew and I knew I just had to have one. I'm so glad I did cuz I just love them to death!!
  6. Wow! First of all, I am appalled at the way your "close friend" treated you! That's terrible! Do not let her make you feel bad. She had no right to say those things to you. I don't understand why people do this. You are the one who bought the bag. You love it and it's none of their business. Further, you didn't ask her for her opinion. Next time she(or anyone else for that matter) decides to go on this tirade, tell them to keep their mouth closed because their opinion was neither solicited nor appreciated!

    Sorry to go on a rant like that. I just got so upset when I read your post.
  7. tod, your right i dont get why she likes DB and Coach and i guess she will never get that i love LV. I respect that, but gosh that feeling i had was horrible! :mad: :blah: :wondering
  8. I think we just have to realize that the majority of our friends do not and never will understand our love for expensive bags. Reason being I am a dedicated pf girly who could give a crap about everyone elses opinions outside of the PF regaurding my expensive taste. So we are all here for ya. LV and all!!
  9. ugh that just sickens me. i'm sorry that your close friend would be so judgemental on your handbag love. i almost want to say its hypocritical because some people even consider coach and dooney bags expensive. i'm glad you told her that its your business and your money. i hate it when people i know get very judgemental about how i spend my money, its not like i'm homeless and starving. the only people who can are my parents!!! ugh sorry for that rant lol
  10. I'm fortunate to have all you kind purse loving people in this forum!!! Finally, someone who understands LV addiction. Thanks everybody for your support. :tender:
  11. i have put up the magazine cutout of Uma with the gorgeous Manhattan PM ad on my bulletin board... and today a co-worker came into my office and made a comment about how LV uses "cheap and thin" leather material for the bags... and it's not worth the money... :wtf: and how the fake ones feel exactly the same as the real ones...

    i was just like.. uh uh uh... i didn't want to say anything to her since i just started the job so i don't want to piss off people... but i was just like.. omg!
  12. See, this is just ignorance. Plain stupidity. LV bags can and do last for one hundred years. They live to become antiques. There are LVs being carried today that were made in the 1960s. It's very simple -- LV is a wise and excellent investment.
  13. I can imagine how you felt. Some people, ugh, are just Hugs to you :tender:
  14. Anybody can beat this subject to death about quality, cost, etc. I sincerely feel a China made brandless bag will last hundreds of years if it is taken good care of.

    To me, plainly, I love LV because its is a well known luxury bag brand which I can afford and at the same time I can use it and "SHOW OFF". I appreciate its quality and design and again, I can "AFFORD IT" and at the same time I can "SHOW OFF".

    Well, that is my blunt expalantion. :smile:
  15. Sorry to hear that:sad: But hey she's the one who misses out:graucho: !!!!:flowers: