Negative laser or chemical peel experiences?

  1. I have considered either a laser or stronger chemical peel but keep coming across horror stories on some random forums about pores enlarging, hyperpigmentation, scarring, etc.

    Has anyone here or do you know anyone that has had a bad experience?
  2. I have had a bad experience...

    I had ipl on my whole body, except my face. Hands, legs, arms, shoulders and back. All my treatments were done at my dermatologist's office, by a trained nurse. She was zipping through my back at the end of one of my sessions and burned me in two nickle-sized spots. I had blistering at first and then hyperpigmentation. It took a year for the hyperpigmentation to fade completely. Even with that mishap, I am absolutely thrilled with my results. Of course, I was able to easily hid the hyperpigmentation on my back. Had it been on my face, it would have been a totally different story.