Negative feedback???

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  1. So here i sthe story: I bought some kind of sanding disks for my hubby. I did a buy it now and paid immediately on 8/17. On 8/20 I email the seller after getting NO resopnse at all. Asked if the item had been shipped...Still no response. Yesterday 8/22 I emailed the mean time I got the item. Last night I get a response from this arrogant seller it says
    "Your item shipped Wednesday the 20th by priority mail and you should have received it today or Saturday at the latest. You might try to exercise a little patience, it does take time for a person to pack an item and get to the post office."
    I quickly responded "You can't be serious. As a seller on ebay I at the very LEAST contact a buyer to let them know the item has been shipped or the payment has been received. All I expected was some contact from you saying you got the payment or the item has been shipped. You have some nerve telling me to excercise patience when you have absolutely ZERO customer service. I know it was a hard job putting a box into a tyvek self sealing envelope and addressing it, but you still should have made some contact. "
    Do I leave negative feedback something like Zero customer service..No contact ...arrogant...item as described.
    I am just so pi**ed that he is a jerk.
    By the way he overcharged me for shipping by double. $8.00 for $4.00 actual shipping cost. He shipped in a usps tyvek envelope. I guess the ink he used to address the package cost $4.00
  2. If you are really aggravated, leave him a neutral saying you got the item but he has poor communication and 0 custumer service. Then take your anger out on his star ratings!!
  3. I 100% agree with you. All sellers should at least answer questions.

    Maybe you could leave positive feedback saying you got the item but seller was rude? Or turn it positive saying that you realized how tolerant you were with this transaction...???
  4. I think a neutral is the worst I would give if the item is OK. I know its annoying how some people talk but maybe he just had stuff going on and came back to loads of buyers with questions and blew a gasket. Its not an excuse but maybe just a bad day for him.
  5. I agree with moi et mes sacs, have pity on the guy and just either give him a neutral or a positive with..."Received item but unhappy about customer service." Maybe one day he'll be enlightened, and won't do it again.
  6. I would just leave neutral. After all, it didn't take him very long to ship the item, and it doesn't sound like you were unhappy with it once it was received. He definitely sounds like a total douche, but it's not like he was dishonest or tried to scam you or anything.
  7. A nuetral will effect his feedback percentage just like a negative would, so really it doesn't matter wich way you go with that. If you are unhappy just show it in his stars.
  8. agreed. if the product is okay then a detailed neutral should suffice.
  9. as from now neutrals won't affect a sellers rating....its just changed.
    i wouldn't leave a neg or neutral, the item came within 5 days, you're happy with it , i would just say customer service could be better in a positive.
    i also wouldn't be too worried about paying $4 over the shipping cost, it could be worse.
  10. I would leave the following neutral: Item as described, rude seller. Handling fee is $4.00.

    He used postal supplies so he didn't have to buy any packing supplies and the comment is totally rude. Other buyers should at least be warned as to what they'll be dealing with.
  11. I think I'd take a deep breath, give a positive and say "Zero communication & seller rude when contacted".

    I know I wouldn't FEEL like giving the positive, but he sent the item, it was as described, arrived in a timely fashion and the postage overage wasn't terribly excessive. Someone probably pushed his buttons and so he probably "passed it on" to you with his crappy behaviour.
  12. Or you could just omit feedback entirely
  13. I guess the ink he used to address the package cost $4.00 :roflmfao:

    OK. I'm usually a very reasonable person who doesn't want to do anybody and harm at the Bay, but zero contact with a buyer is unacceptable. And to add insult to injury, instead of apologizing for not responding in a timely manner, he chastices you. He had you stress for days because he couldn't bring himself to click on "reply." Was that a "positive" experience for you? I don't think so. I wouldn't leave a positive. I would leave a neutral with a note specifying the zero communication and customer service.
  14. A neutral won't affect his FB score anymore since eBay just changed its rules.

    I agree, say "item received but poor communication from rude seller."

    The seller should have provided you with the tracking number from the delivery confirmation at the very least.
  15. When you bid, you agreed to his shipping charge.

    Second, you got the item quickly. Some sellers don't communicate with every step of the process. Some sellers assume (ass/u/me) that you just hadn't received the item when you did the asq. He knew he sent it so he did not answer right away.

    I would leave postive FB. I would not leave stars (meaning just don't fill them in).