Negative Feedback, so angry right now

  1. :cursing: :push:

    so, after 5 years of eBay, and only ever positive comments, I had my first non paying bidder last week. To cut a long story short, a 0 bidder bid at the last minute on a pair of shoes. Fine, I thought, I always give new ebayers the benefit of the doubt.

    I sent them the invoice. Heard nothing

    2 days later, I sent a invoice reminder. Again nothing

    leave it another day, and still politely, asked if they could contact me, as the package was ready to be shipped, but obviously I needed to hear from them as they had 0 feedback and had not responded. Again nothing.

    I left it the 7 days, and then left negative.

    Now of course, they are coming back after 2 weeks, saying there computer was broken (oddly it was ok to bid!!), and that they meant to pay.

    THIS IS WHEN eBay REALLY ANNOYS ME, she can leave neg back for me. HOW EFFING UNFAIR IS THIS :crybaby:

    5 years perfect feedback down the drain. Yet if I had not left bad feedback I was worried she would do the same to somebody else :sad: So are we now expected to let them get away with it, and not leave them neg, as you know they are going to be spiteful and do it back.


    Sorry, just needed to vent. I know I can add a summary under the negative, but its just so very unfair that these people think you will just hold an item indefinately until they can be bothered to pay :push:

    calm down!!! I must calm down :sad:
  2. When I see negative feedback with so many positives I always read the why of it. Don't worry, buyers will see that you are totally legitimate and ignore the negative one. Us experienced ebayers know that you can run into a real nutcase and have to leave negative feedback. Then you get the negative in return as a retaliation thing. I think that eBay should change their rules and not allow a non-payer to leave feedback at all! If they don't pay, they don't get allowed to leave feedback...period. (And I don't sell on ebay, I am only a buyer:smile: :smile:
  3. ACK! I the future, make sure you wait to leave negative until, AFTER the NPB alert is in your favor.
  4. yes, thats my main gripe actually. It puts you off leaving negative, so these nightmare ebayers get away with it, because you know if you do the right thing and report them, they can leave you negative back :sad:

    It just seems unjust to me
  5. Same thing happened to me too. I totally feel for you, going forward set up your auctions so that people with zero feedback cannot bid.
  6. I don't discount a seller just because of one negative. It can happen to anybody. Happened to me after some $^#hole broke the stereo that I shipped to him and expected ME to provide tech support.

    I remember how upset I was when I got my negative...I actually cried :sad:
  7. Go through the non-paying bidder process. Once that is done I think, although the neg stays there it doesn't count against your perfect 100% score. These things happen, try not to take it personally. Be SURE to respond to the feedback ------------ real eBayers do read them =)
  8. I'm sorry that happened to you and I understand what you feel right now... Just give him strike so if he's have some strikes from other sellers, then eBay will suspended him. IT'll prevent other serious sellers from NPB like him :push:
  9. Aw CB so so sorry!

    YOu are one of theeee best ebayers out there too!

    You must be fuming! Its so infair.

    Maybe you should look at what Rally is saying in that if you go through the npb process it doesnt count towards your 100%?

    Big hugs through the internet highway!
  10. I agree. I have only bought from one seller who had 100% FB, and I buy my fair share of VERY high-end things. Anyone who has been around the eBay block a couple of times knows that some buyers are just nut-cases, and it's not fair to sellers to discount their overwhelmingly good credibility on account of one or two nut-cases. It's time-consuming to scroll through and read the whole story on any negative FB, but it's just part of eBaying. Besides, sometimes the drama associated with the neg (e.g. when there's back and forth responses between buyer and seller) is entertaining :smile:
  11. I am hopeful that ebayers are becoming more and more neg. from a seller with otherwise stellar feedback would not discourage me. Regarding new bidders... I try and contact them prior to auction's end if possible to tell them that they are required to pay instantly. I also have in my listings that they must contact me prior to bidding and failure to do so may result in their bid being cancelled. Still, with all that, people with less than 5 positives bid without any prior contact. I have the right to second chance offer it to the next highest bidder if I choose. Really depends on each sitation and yes, it always stinks.
  12. Be sure to leave a matter of fact response to the negative, such as "bid, no communication, no payment, no excuse". Seriously, computers do break, but no friends, family, coffeshops or Libraries with computers where she could have taken care of it?

  13. But what if the buyer didn't pay because they realised, after bidding, that the item was fake, or that the seller was a scammer in some other way?

    I know that isn't the case in this instance, but, as we all know, it does happen. :sad:

  14. Well, recently my modem broke down and I was, simultaneously, really quite ill and couldn't go out for a week.

    Luckily, this didn't happen between me bidding and paying for something, but I guess it could have done? :shrugs:

    Also, I expect some people don't have the sort of friends and family who will pay for things for them.

    Again, I'm not saying (for one moment!) that that is what happened in this case.
  15. So sorry this has happened, cb. :sad:

    I know it sounds odd, but I wonder if some buyers that do this are intentionally testing sellers? :shrugs:

    I once had a buyer who didn't pay, or respond to emails for over 14 days.

    When he finally responded, he told me, very calmly, that he'd been on holiday! :rolleyes:

    Luckily, I had a feeling he'd pay in the end, so I didn't leave a neg and just waited.

    But, I guess I should have negged him really? :shrugs: