negative feedback recourse?

  1. hi again- i'm def. going to be leaving neg. feedback for a seller, & i'm pretty positive he will leave it for me to be spiteful. since the problem is all on his end, can i do anything to have eBay get rid of what he leaves me? is that even possible? thanks again, pfers!!!
  2. No, I don't think there is much you can do. You can always add a reply to their feedback.
  3. I'm sorry this happened.
    If he leaves threatening, abusive etc type feedback, they will remove.

    I wouldn't worry about it. Just use the followup feedback in response!
  4. No, whatever he writes will be there for the duration. As crappy as it is, I just go ahead and leave the feedback that is deserved. If they want to neg you back, fine...people that look and read will know that it was left out of spite, and that just shows what kind of person the spiteful one is.
  5. No much you can do unfortunately but his reputation will be ruined (as it should be) and your feedback will show a retaliatory neg. It stinks but I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  6. I know it sux...but most take retaliation feedback with a grain of salt. Most know it was a bs neg and not hold it against you. You could work years earning positive feedback and one jerk comes along and tarnishes your score. People will realize this.
  7. ^^ that's what upsets me.
  8. Yea 1 in the masses don't count that much really...
  9. don't worry, the same thing happened to me , i worked hard to have my good feedback and one jerk come along and ruined this, but it's ok you can always reply to the negative and explain, people will know!
  10. Maybe you can just wait until the 90th day (or whenever the last day you can leave feedback is) and then hurry and put it in and hope he doesn't see it in time to retaliate...
  11. ^ that's a clever idea!
  12. ^^^

    That is a good idea! I'm in the same situation right now. I think I'll try that :smile:
  13. Why didn't I think of that!!!
    I left ONE neg out of over one hundred.
    Never heard from this person ever. Reported her as NPB and left a brief comment..
    She retailated (she was alive!) by saying i was a scammer, sold fakes, etc. It was awful. One neg feedback and over 100 positive.

    That was a while ago, it really has not caused any problems with my sales.

    eBay since changed policy that npb feedback won't count, of course non retroactive.

  14. And I have to say I would do it all over again as it warns others!!
  15. ^^^ I'll second that.