negative ebay experience- need advice on how to handle this!

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  1. Hi Guys

    I have a bit of a preloved addiction. Mostly enjoy just looking, but sometimes I buy. I am careful, go through trusted sellers and get the pieces authenticated. But.....not this time. I was to quick to buy and didn't pay enough attention to the pictures. In short: I was just being stupid!

    Anyway, I received the bag yesterday and its a fake. I have been in contact with the ebay seller and I can return the bag for a refund ( but not the costs for shipping).

    Has any one been in my shoes? What to do? Do I return the item and trust the seller to give me a refund? Do I demand a refund prior to returning the bag? Do I open an issue with ebay or paypal?

    Please give me your advice on how to proceed! Thanks everybody!
  2. Open a claim with paypal and EBay. They have their buyer protection for a reason. They will back you up. Don't wait on seller. Open a claim immediately.
  3. Don't forget to get insurance ! Even though it is fake!
  4. Been there, done that. Twice.

    First open a "item not as described dispute" with Paypal.

    You will need proof it is fake. You need to immediately contact a service like Carol Diva and pay (a very small amount) for a official authentication. The TPF authentication forum is not accepted by Paypal.

    You need to fax the report (fax! So annoying) to PayPal.

    The claim will be assessed and you should get a refund in 2-3 weeks.

    You will not need to return the fake. You will be asked to destroy it and sign an affidavit stating you destroyed it. They provide the form / affidavit, you just sign it.

    Here is why you need to do this and not just get a refund from the seller:

    - It's the principle of the matter. You were sold a fake, which is illegal. Regardless of whether they knew or not, it's still illegal.
    - You should not have to pay for the shipping, by going through Paypal, you will get all your money back.
    - By returning it, they will undoubtedly re-sell it to someone else, which is really unfair to the unsuspecting buyer (which was you this time) :sad:
    - They deserve a strike against their account so other buyers are aware. If you return it, this doesn't happen.

    I really hope this helps.
  5. Thanks!
    Have you gone through these procedures? Any additional advice? Will they want me to back op my claim that it is a fake? How does that work? Sorry for the million questions ;)
  6. wow thanks!
    Didnt see your reply while I was typing ;)
  7. Hi

    dont wait por seller. Open and ticket with ebay. Go to order details, then in the right side of screen, on "Order Information", click in "Resolve problem" (direct link:

    then select "I received an item that does not match the seller's description."

    and continue... Request your money back and if seller wants the bag back I dont know if is necessary you send back or trash it
  8. I just read, more like studied, your reply. You are completely right. So I went straight to work and contacted Carol Diva. I hope to get an aswer quickly. The kids are coming home for lunch, but after that I will sit down and open a claim with ebay and paypal.

    Thank all of you for getting back to me and giving me your advice. So thankful for this forum!:smooch:
  9. Just one more question. Will the claim with paypal result in a strike against their account? Or will I need to open a claim with ebay for that or for any reason for that matter?

  10. eBay will put a strike against their account I believe. The seller will probably hassle you to return the fake - I had about 15 emails from this one bat-sh#t crazy seller. I just reported the emails to eBay and I stopped hearing from them. Just a heads up :smile:
  11. I hope it works out for you. Please keep this thread updated. It is so easy to do in the excitement of finding 'that' bag. I have now trained (yes trained because it is difficult) to put these bags in my watch list - not press bid or BIN. Then I sleep on it. In the morning over a cup of tea I consider whether it really is a must have, if yes, then on TPF for authentication. By the time I do all this I have usually lost some interest and have talked myself out of it… So sad.. LOL
  12. One of the things that was suggested is correct - you should contact an authentication service to have a document showing that the bag is indeed counterfeit.

    BEFORE opening a claim, you should contact the seller (under contact seller, and then reasons, choose "Other"). Let them know that the bag is fake, and that you'd like to return the bag for a full refund. If the seller agrees, make sure to return the bag to the seller's eBay/PP address, with signature confirmation (if over $250) and insurance.

    If the seller does not agree to a return, then open a claim through eBay for SNAD. You'll have an opportunity to upload your documentation about authenticity, and eBay will tell you how to proceed further.

    I'm seeing bad advice and misleading advice here!

    1. You cannot open claims on both ebay and paypal. Although you can use either for a dispute, you need to choose one or the other.

    Generally, ebay is the better choice for SNAD and paypal is the better choice for INR.

    2. See above as to which is the better to open a dispute with.

    DO NOT use Carol Diva for Chanel. She isn't a brand specialist and has made lots of mistakes on Chanel and other brands which she's chosen to authenticate but doesn't have expertise in.

    3. It's NOT a small amount for the type of authentication needed for a dispute.
  14. You'll need an official letter from one of the authentication services, not just the nominal cost email authentication and you won't get this money refunded (think it's around 50 USD these days).

    Don't open a case with ebay and paypal - it needs to be one or the other.

    PP will ask you to prove it is counterfeit and then generally ask you to destroy the item.

    I'm not sure what ebay do but they do ask you to "work it out with the seller" via the resolution centre before escalating to ebay for a decision and they allow 8 days for that.

    Regardless of who you raise the claim with then you will be entitled to price + postage as a refund (but may be responsible for return shipping if asked to return the item to the seller).
  15. ^ - ooops was posting at the same time as BB. Sorry for the duplicate advice.