Neg., Pos., or Neutral FB?

  1. I know that a buyer has seven days to pay but...if the seller wants or needs payment sooner, and states this in the auction, IMO, it's extremely rude to go ahead and bid, win the freaking auction and then ignore the invoice and reminder. Why not email seller before bidding and ask if it's ok to bid even tho you can't pay til next whenever?

    It's been six days and no communication from winner. This may sound silly but now I hope she doesn't pay because I don't want to sell this bag to what seems like such an inconsiderate buyer. What would you do? :confused1:
  2. You're kind of stuck -- bound by eBay rules that state the buyer has 7 days to pay before you can file NPB. It totally sucks and many of us have been in your position before. I would refrain from leaving any feedback until the allotted time frame.
  3. If buyer pays up by the 7th day (which is eBay's dateline), I'd give positive feedback notwithstanding that my dateline as stated in auction is eg. 3 days.
  4. I'm in the exact same boat right now - it will be seven days tonight since the auction end and no word from the buyer :tdown:
    I'll probably give her till Monday and then file the unpaid item report. Does anyone know if I can relist immediately after filing or have to wait?
  5. If it has been beyond the 7 days with no response file the NPB and then relist- it is my understanding that you can choose AFTER the 7 days not to complete the sale.
  6. I'm pretty sure that after you file a claim on the 7th day, eBay will send reminders out to the buyer, who then has another 7 days to pay. After that time period, you can tell ebay you don't want to wait, and they will issue an unpaid item strike and credit your final value fees. So if the buyer does in fact pay within the 7 days after you've opened the claim, I don't know how the seller can get out of the transaction if they've already reslisted and sold it to someone else.

    Now, this has never happened to me, because even though I've probably had to file a dozen claims over the years, not one of them actually resulted in the buyer paying. I would be wary of relisting the item until ebay has definitively issued an unpaid item strike against the buyer, and has credited your final value fees, just to be safe.
  7. Thanks for all your help, At midnight, I'm filing NPB! (This is my first time)
  8. I despise NPB's. Why even bid if you can't pay. I'm going through the same thing with a girl called CHAKHAN07.
  9. Thank you everyone, this is very helpful!
  10. She actually can communicate! One hour before I was to file NPB, she pays! She includes a message...she kindly asks that I ship at my earliest convenience and inform her of ship date and tracking. Had she READ the listing, she'd know that I do this anyway! I'm really PO'd! How dare she rush me to ship after she ignored my request for payment at end of auction and pays a whole week later! :tdown:
  11. Your buyer know how to work the ebay system, I'm afraid.