neg. Paypal account help! Fraudulant chargeback.

  1. I had a returning client do a chargeback when she had already sold the item.

    Of course when it comes to chargebacks and paypal, they are pretty much useless. I have tried to contact paypal for an appeal but will not have it.

    My account is sitting at a negative. I rarely use paypal (as when I buy online I usually buy through online stores that accept credit card purchasing without a paypal account) but this time where I wanted to sell, this bs happens.

    Is it okay to let my account sit with a negative. They obviously will not allow me to close my account. I am frustrated because I had given proof that the buyer had received the item and loved the item and even listed it for sale and is assumed to be sold. but of course paypal doesn't fight chargebacks that well. But is it safe that I just let it sit in a negative with my information up there? This credit card is almost paid off and i'm thinking of changing my bank account anyway, but that won't be for a few months. Are they authorized to take out any money from my account automatically even if it's 6-12 months from now?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. they can't take from your bank account, but they will submit it to collections.
  3. Contact the District Attorney in her county and file charges.
  4. That is so wrong!
  5. I never heard report about it before but if I were you, I'll more careful! However, there's your confidential information there. Does your PAyPal acc connect to your saving acc? If you registered by put cc only, perhaps you'll consider to close your cc instead let them have your conf. informations?

    I never wished it but if someday, there's bad luck and hacker hack your PayPal, PayPal won't protect you even they'll ask you to pay the neg.
  6. I have my bank account on there as well... for the times I withdraw money from my account to my bank account...

    I tried contacting the phone services, but they basically tell me to email the chargeback email.

    I give them my story again and again and all they respond is with a:

    "Thank you for contacting paypal!"

    I replied, so, after that long essay do I ever get a real response?

    and again another email saying
    "Thank you for contacting paypal".

    The lady on the phone told me ask for an appeal, but they won't even give me that. Before the chargeback they even sided in my favor when the stupid buyer tried to make a dispute!

    I am going to charge a report against her, but I don't want paypal to contact collections agencies against me when it is not my fault and they are not trying to resolve the issue.

    I don't understand how they could side in my favor when it's up to them, and when a chargeback comes through, they won't even help with an appeal.
  7. I don't understand how the credit card company can even chargeback if you have proof that she received the bag - both with tracking, and feedback, and even proof that she's relisted it for sale. Is there any way for you to contact her CC company rather than relying on PayPal?
  8. I have no idea who her CC is. I don't think that they would tell me either (on paypals part). Basically I gave them EVERYTHING I had that I gave to paypal through the initial dispute, that is the reason why they disputed in my favor at first. Now with the CC company, they won't honor their seller protection because she claimed it significantly not described. Which is insane because when it comes to CC companies, they don't do jack. How could that be after 2 months? I know she's doing that switch-a-roo thing. It's been solved for a week already and I have NOT seen the items returned.

    Should I keep hassling paypal by contineously calling them to get an answer?
  9. did you ship though the paypal system....that really helps
  10. Yes I did. But anything that I have done is now worthless when a cc company gets involved?

    This is crazy.
  11. I just figured out something,

    The initial dispute from paypal, the buyer, and myself was listed as 'non-receipt'. She realized later on that I would not be eligble for seller protection if she had listed it as 'not as described'. So her initial dispute reason is wrong from her chargeback reason.

    Should this give me any grounds to fight?

    I am contacting paypal for an appeal right now, the representative in the resolution center was really nice and told me to do it promptly, so hopefully I can fight her instead of her cc because I know there's nothing I can do about that now.
  12. Did the item listed have seller protection? Did yo carry out all of the requirements (sent with tracking, signature confirmation if over $250)? I thought that was the whole point of becoming verified? I would do an appeal.

    Since they are the merchant account I would imagine they would have to submit it to the disputing bank's investigation on your behalf. This is how it worked when I was an accountant that handled treasury for companies.
  13. I agree with Judge Judy (how fitting of a name!) that you should contact law enforcement, she is commiting fraud. If all else fails, take her to small claims, you have enough information to prove she received the item and then resold it.
  14. I did, Unfortunately with Canada Post, even when you ask for signature confirmation they don't do it 100% of the time. On my half, it says that it was delivered w/ confirmation but there is not signature that is specified.

    I do however have an email that has the matching date stamp that she loved it and couldn't believe it got here so fast.

    They said they 'did their best' to help fight on my behalf. BS on my part, because anyone would fish out the fishiness of her disputing for 'non receipt' then 'not as described'.

    I think that she is def. abusing her authority as a card holder to do chargebacks. The cc company is stupid, but they are fighting for their client. But Paypal is stupid because they won't see the connections.

    It was sent to a confirmed address and on the actual transaction statement it says I am eligible for seller protection.

    But they are still putting my account in negative.
  15. Sorry i'm new to this, I am thinking of filing charges tomorrow in her province. The only thing I am afraid of is if she tries to come back and file against me.

    Every time I would have a point and prove something to her, she goes on a crazy rampage saying "Well the item you sold me was destroyed" when it wasn't. I just don't want her to counter file on me.

    When you file a charge how do they notify her that she had a report filed on her?