Neewbie NEEP HELP~looking for a small diamond ring

  1. hi ladies..
    this is my first time to consider to buy a diamond ring for myself, and i need your help...
    i am looking for a small ring...under .35 CT..since this is not a engage ring...i think i only need something small but pretty:P
    i went to Tiffany to ask about the come out around 1500 for a good color but small CT.
    i am just wondering do you think it is worse to buy from Tiffany? or i should go to the jewelry store in mall, like KAY...etc? anyone could suggest me which retail store is good? how much is a fair price for a .25 CT diamond ring with FG color and not bad clarity?

    thanks for your input...and sorry for my stupid question....i am a newbie for this...:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  2. Tiffany is overpriced for decent quality, and Kay is overpriced for less-than-decent quality, IMO. $1500 is probably twice what you should pay for a quarter-carat stone. I suggest that you avoid mall chains and instead go to independent, reliable jewelers. You might also want to check online, Blue Nile is considered an "expensive" internet retailer but even they are cheaper than most brick-and-mortar stores.
  3. thanks Raspberry...i will google it..."Blue Nile" right?!

    is clarity important? if it is just a small stone?
    i went to tiffany store, and the SA told me if its a small stone. i should only consider the color...anything close to D the this correct?

    for the reliable store...i dont have any experience for diamond purchasing...:Push:
    all of my jewelry is from tiffany and other's are from designer custom jewelry..

    can anyone give me a suggestion either store or website...

    thanks a lot :yes:
  4. I was thinking something similar the other day, or should I say, dreaming about an engagement ring :P

    I really would like a Tiffany ring, am totally in love with the Tiffany Setting, and would love the simple matching wedding band. I know they cost a bit more, but the thing is for me, size is not as important. I would much rather have a nice small ring I love, than a huge rock I know is not the Tiffany ring I wanted...

    How small can one go in CT without the ring looking stupid? I think anything over 0.30 CT is too big, especially when I want to wear the ring every day... Anyone now approx prices?
  5. for tiffany...the one i saw in .32 CT is around 1500...theres another one kinda small than this is about the same price, but it has better color.
  6. That sounds good, but does it look silly when it is that small? Or could you go even smaller?
  7. i dont mind it is small :P ....i wanna get one as my everyday ring...
    dont want it be too looks strange on me...i am only 21 years old, a college student.

    i still need some help..anybody could answering my question?:wlae:
    thanks at advance
  8. Me and my sister each have a diamond ring, it's very small and subtle, with a 0.05 CT diamond in the middle. It looks like this one Stort bilde | Thune But with only one diamond, not three (it is possible to add diamonds to the ring). I guess it's like an eternity ring...

    Here in Norway those types of rings are quite common, mine is in white gold and I love it to death! Really like the fact that my sister has the exact same as well. Our parents have rings, and now we do too :smile:

    She was 20 and i was 24 when we purchased the rings, and I think the ring really suit young people.
  9. You should check out Japster's (one of our members here) Web site. She's got some really reasonably priced small diamond rings.

  10. Phoebe, check out Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry at Blue Nile for info on buying diamonds and you can scroll through lots of stones with any color, size, clarity, etc. They may not be the cheapest online merchant, but they are very reliable. My son has bought some gifts for his wife and me from them and they're lovely. A third carat is a nice size.
  11. wow that blue nile site is lovely, i can find something for the boyfriend to buy for xmas and not feel that i'm getting ripped off as much, lol.
  12. Gonna agree with everyone else. If you go the T&Co. route you will pay a premium. If you live in a city of any size there's probably a diamond broker/wholesaler available to you and you'll get a much finer, less expensive, larger(?) diamond. Also, you can do a little internet research, it will be worth your while.

    As for the setting, a 14K Tiffany type setting is pretty inexpensive, relatively speaking. When I got my engagement ring diamond the jeweler provided this setting for free just to hold the diamond.

    Last thing: I know you're thinking .25 is a good size for a non-engagement ring, but you would be amazed at how quickly you can get used to a bigger size. Seriously, if you can do it at all I go with a .5 carat, at least. I can't believe you could be sorry.

  13. thanks everyone:P ...i have check the blue nile site...a .26 CT, D color comes out $750+...which is half of it a fair price?
    and i also check the Japster's website...the size are too big for me finger is only size 4....should i contact japster to ask her about the ring?

    i also have a question...for a small diamond, what color should i looking for?
    at least G and above? how about clarity? is it important too?

    by the way, baggiegirl, i love your looks very pretty:love:
    and champaign, i might also consider your suggestion..but i think i am too young to deserve a big ring...:lol:
  14. I admire your modesty, but you're not too young to get a bigger stone, if that's what you want. From your size, you are fine-boned, I think a med. size stone would look larger on you than say someone like me who has very large fingers.

    This is all just my opinion and from a little bit of experience, but I think Blue Nile's prices are very fair for stones. For all but the smaller stones, you can select ones that have GIA (there's another group, can't recall) certification of the stone's qualities and measurements; it costs a bit more, Regardless of size, you want a good cut, good color and good clarity. If it comes down to color v. clarity, go for the better color, because most flaws in diamonds can't be seen with the naked eye unless the clarity is poor. Color G or above will look virtually colorless, D being the best.

    In clarity, try not to go below SI2 (slightly included). A good cut will get the maximum brilliance out of your stone.

    Good luck! I love looking at all the stones they have on Blue Nile. I'm sure there are other reputable online jewelers, but I'm only familiar with blue Nile.
  15. thank you boxermom :idea: your opinion is very helpful...

    truly appreciate!!!