Neep help on Kelly!

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  1. Hi gals,

    I will have a chance to get kelly 25 epsom but i need to choose btw rose jaipur and jaune D'or. I got constance 18 in Jaune D'or and personally don't like pink color but rose Jaipur is stunning.

    What do you gals think?

  2. If you love Rose Jaipur and Epsom leather, and if you are sure that 25 size works for you, I would go for the RJ Kelly. Then you have some variation, especially since you already have a Constance in Jaune D'Or ;).
  3. Rose Jaipur is stunning, i would give my eye teeth for a kelly or lindy in that color!! you are so lucky!! congrats - good luck with your choice!!
  4. Rose Jaipur Kelly 25 for variation. Only with boxcalf, I wouldn't mind having similar color family. With Epsom, maybe not.
  5. That's easy peasy, you love RJ, nice to have color options...
  6. hmm i like Jeaune because its such a nice yellow not over the top but..... fuctional
  7. I would say RJ for variation and for being such a stunning color
  8. Voting for Rose Jaipur, yummy.
  9. rose jaipur!
  10. RJ, because personally I would not turn down anything in RJ. But I would also want something in Jaune one day! Haha.
  11. RJ defintely!! So beautiful ;)

  12. both are beautiful, but since u have got constance in jaune, if i were you i'll go for RJ for kelly
  13. Ditto with everyone else. Since you already have Jaune D'or, then go for RJ for the Kelly.
  14. I think a rj k25 would be the cutest thing ever! Love both jdor and rj but since you already have a jdor constance which is also a bag worn over the shoulder I would personally get the rj kelly for some variation in color! :P
  15. OMG... We are having the same dilemma about RJ kelly. I was offered a 35, but I think it is too big for me. But I do love RJ, the color is soft and nice. :smile: