Neely Big Tote in Spongy Patent Steel

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  1. Hi all, I am mostly in LV sub-forum, but recently I find myself loving the shape of Neely Big Tote very much. Now I have an opportunity to get that purse, I want your girls' opinion that if I should go ahead:P.

    BTW, I am a big purse girl....
  2. I love it PuppyB (and welcome over to here) the sponge leather does take a little time to get used to, I have to be completely honest, as its a real departure for Mulberry, and you really can press it like a sponge! Its lovely and tactile, and would be absolutely perfect in all weathers as rain would just wash off!

    What colour is it that you are lusting after x
  3. ooh just saw its the steel you like !! Lovely :biggrin:
  4. The color I was told is spongy Patent Steel, which means blackish....correct? What do you mean by "as its a real departure for Mulberry"? Right now I have LV Trevi GM, do you think it is duplicate function of Trevi GM, but I love how subtle and low-key of Mulberry.
  5. ^ What I mean is, its a very new shape, structured bag, that they havent created anything like before (its very Madmen 50s/60s ladylike Chic imo) and the sponge leather is brand new to Mulberry also. Have you been lucky enough to see them in real life yet or will it be an online purchase? Its so hard to describe the leather if you havent seen it but its lovely.

    I am so sorry I cannot compare with a Trevi as no idea what it is ;) !
  6. I had the steel spongy patent regular Neely - and it is more a dark grey/blue colour rather than blackish.

    I would say this picture I took shows the colour fairly real to life.

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  7. I can't help with the Neely other than to say I, like almost everyone, was mad about the Nude version -- and it's definitely a cute shape.

    But I had to say hello to another Torontonian!
  8. Hello~~~:P:P:nuts::nuts:

    BTW, since Toronto does not have Mulberry, where ususally you go and get your bag?

  9. Hi!

    So far it's been eBay for me. After getting them Authenticated, of course. I also keep an eye out on,, a few consignment websites and whatever else the girls post on the forum.

    You could maybe contact the US stores or shops that have a Mulberry section and see their stock/if they'll ship to Canada.

    One day I'll be able to fly over on a whim and stalk all the outlets though. ;]