Neely bag

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  1. Hello Ladies ..

    am searching for the mulberry neely bag in RED !! I can't find it anywhere online or in store :sad:
    anyone saw it somewhere ?

    plz Help :crybaby:
  2. Where are you from Chic Casa? Its been seen in lots of independant Mulberry stores, such as house of fraser, but no longer available on the Mulberry site. Hopefully we can help, its a great bag :biggrin:
  3. am from UAE .. but it's okay with me to contact the store & send them the money online or any way to get it :sad:
  4. Sold out at Mulberry in New York, although I did see them in the first week they arrived. Have you seen them IRL? I think this is a good color/leather to see in person before deciding if you love it.
  5. I saw it at London New Bond St store but that was on the 8th Sept x
  6. I am also looking for the red neely; however, I am located in the US. I don't mind ordering over the phone and paying shipping, if anyone knows of a specific location that has this color. Thanks!
  7. The small Neely in red is available at, the blue is available in both sizes. There is some Neely bags at the Mulberry Store in Stockholm, but i think that maybe wont help you out...
  8. i noticed they had disappeared online too! I haven't seen any around either. Good luck!
  9. Only the black is still at mulberry website