Neeeed a Zucca, Help!!

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  1. I'm absolutely dying for a Zucca in either Paradiso or Foresta, and my boyfriend, being amazing, agreed to get me one. But now, ack, dilema...! WHERE could I purchase one? Either online or near NY? What's chargesend? :huh:? I keep hearing about this magical South Hampton Outlet...? What is that?

    LOL THANK YOU. XD And is a Zucca worth it if I'm already getting an Amore in Buon Viaggio? I sorta need an outdoor/not school bag/movies/hanging out with friends bag....:/ Help?
  2. One of the LeSportsac outlets may still have paradiso zuccas still in stock, at least they did when I last checked. If you're in New York, the South Hampton outlet is closest. But there is also a LeSportsac outlet in Washington state and both outlets do chargesend (chargesend is just buying a bag by phone or email).

    The Foresta Zucca is near impossible to find now, so I doubt you'll find that print in Zucca.:shrugs:

    Hope that helps! Good luck!;)

    Oh, and Zuccas are definitely nice if you like the larger bags.
  3. there's 2 paradiso zuccas on ebay right now for good prices =)
  4. You can also check the Woodbury Commons Lesportsac Outlet to see if they have the paradiso zucca if Southampton is sold out! :graucho: Below is the list of outlet stores for you.

    Factory Stores

    LeSportsac Woodbury Common Factory Store

    690 Blue Bird Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    tel: 845.928.3328
    fax: 845.928.3905

    LeSportsac Southampton Factory Store
    19 Pond Lane
    Southampton, NY 11968
    tel: 631.283.1733
    fax: 631.287.2510

    LeSportsac Seattle Factory Store
    10600 Quil Ceda Blvd #820
    Tulalip, WA 98271
    tel: 360.654.3520
    fax: 360.654.3521

    Good luck, let us know if you find what you're looking for.
  5. Oh, thank you so much, TokiliciousJen!! That's super useful, thank you!