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  1. My sister hads a christian dior saddle handbag she need the link buckal that goes between the C and the D. If anyone knows where this could be found please post. Are what can she do to get it repaired. Thanks.
  2. i'm sure if she bought the bag from a dior boutique they'd be happy to do the repair for a fee.......sine they're still producing lots and lots of saddle bags, they should have whatever part she needs...... (unless dior doesn't do repairs?.....although i don't see why they wouldn't.....hmmmmm....i feel kinda crazy talking to myself :wacko:)
  3. Is her bag authentic. because I remember when I bought my CD bag and asked them if the cd would break and they said.. no it wouldn't break. but I'm sure if she bought it from the boutique they'd fix it.
  4. i just went to CD to ask if they could repair the lining of my bag and they told me NO!!!!!! they said they could do hardware repairs, so i guess you're in luck.
  5. CD part is super easy to break...believe me I worked at Dior and deal with that a lots.

    If your bag is authentic and u had it less than a year it's totally free to replace.
    If more than a year 45.00 will be charge and will take 4-6 weeks.

    Where do u live? I can give you a phone number of near by store.
  6. Thanks Giagiaja I live in North Carolina a phone number would be great. :biggrin:
  7. My wife and I was playing, and I broke the strap on it woow right I know. Just want to know if it can be fixed and how much will it cost
  8. hey i just rang dior boutique in london regarding my Lady Dior bag. it neede a little bit of polishing. but they said boutiques dont do them in there. they send the item to paris where dior bags are made and they will cost u for the mebding plus shipping to and fro.
    hope this helps:smile:
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