needs PCE card

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  1. Is it allowed to post this? Maybe all of us that need a card could post here and we could be contacted by someone not wanting to use their discount. I know that I would love to have one. Anyone else. If this is not allowed Mods - please delete post.
  2. Perhaps its possible to get a member to shop for you? I'm not too sure if its allowed or not
  3. well I'll take anyone's who is giving it away :P
    No idea if it's allowed or not
  4. I am in need as well :sad:

    pretty please?! lol
  5. I am going tomorrow to presale. If they do not take it I will send it to one of you!!!
  6. Yes, well, it seems I'm having to also resort to begging for a PCE card this time around if anyone has an extra lying about. I didn't get one for some reason...:sad:

  7. If I don't get anything today I'm going to have to find another way to get one....everything that I want comes to about $900 before the discount so needless to say that 25% will help a whole lot!!
  8. I'd love a PCE card too so I can finally get my ergo wallet, but I need to buy tires for my car in a few weeks (so damn expensive!) so I won't be heartbroken if I don't get one.
  9. I think mine was mailed to my old address. I'm totally bummed as I had planned to finally own a piece of the Legacy line.
  10. i really need one and i should have gotten one
  11. donating your pce card is fine, doing shopping for each other is NOT okay on tpf.
  12. I'll take one as well. I've never recieved one, not saying I should have. But it would be nice! :smile:
  13. I'd love one as well. I used to get them all of the time, but I moved about a year ago and the nearest boutique is 2 hours away- as opposed to one ten minutes from me, and probably 25 within a 2-hour radius at the minimum. Plus there's that whole smuggling the items into the house now. ;)

    I'm really wanting to get 2 bags this time, so 25% would mean a lot.
  14. I would love a PCE discount too.

    LOL! I hear ya! Dh doesn't really care if i buy more Coach bags, but I really do feel guilty about over spending. :shame:
  15. I'd love to have one too.
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