needs help!!!! what's the price of medium flap in france?

  1. I just received my first chanel in black caviar , i was so excited and didnot notice the size is smaller than what i expected. This morning after i measured by a ruler, it found to be a small size flap instead of a medium!! however, i paid 1400 eruo to that person who selling the bags, just wondering is that the ture price in france??(i will definately ask for a refund, so sad!!!)

    so, dear TPF members plz help me~~!:sad::sad::sad:i want to konw the price of small and medium caviar flap,thanks so much!!!!
  2. I believe Medium Classic Flap in Caviar retails for $1995 .
  3. I was in Paris earlier this month and tried on a classic flap that was 1400 Euro -- but unfortunately, I wasn't familiar enough with the sizes at the time. I thought it was the small though.

    When I asked them about all their flap sizes, they showed me the mini, the jumbo and then the 1400 Euro one -- so I don't know if it was the small or the medium...:confused1:
  4. Thank you!! Your information really helps me alot!!!!love you!!!
  5. The medium/large in caviar cost 1470 in Germany last month, so I would assume that it costs approximately the same in Paris.

    A note of warning: when buying either medium/large or small/medium flaps, it is highly advisable to specify its measures. Some SAs call my flap large, while some call it medium. When I said I want a medium flap, I was shown the smaller size first.