Travel Needing trip recommendation


Jul 16, 2010
We're planning on travel for 4 days + in Aug... but we don't have a clue where to go! So far I have a list of where I'd like to visit, but can't decided a place.

LA, Vegas, Orlando, Cancun, New York, Miami......

What I want when I travel....

- Good eats is a must....bcus im a fatty & love my food.
- Shopping!!!!.... outlets, high end, everrrrything.
- Beaches.... nice white sandy beach with a beautiful view.
- Hot weather..... we love the sun!
- We'd prefer not to drive though....bcus we do a lot of driving here already and other source of transportation would be nice. However I do understand that LA requires a car.....

Please recommend any other places other than what i've listed because those choices were based on internet researching.....

if possible please list the reasons to why i should travel there! much appreciated!

Please do share your experience if you've visited any of the places above...why you love & don't love!

TIA darlings!!!!!! :flowers:


Jul 16, 2010
also... we would like to spend time just relaxing... at the beach, the poolside, wherever it may be. we just want r&r time! tan time!

the whole clubbing... it would be nice for a one night on our trip.... but it wouldn't matter as much! main point, r& good food.


Jul 6, 2007
Based on your list of wants, I'd say Miami. New Orleans probably isn't the kind of trip you're looking for IMO. There's great food and Bourbon Street is really fun; the shopping is fair, but I don't think it's the best place for R&R.
Nov 11, 2009
From your list, I'd probably also say LA... because in NY, you'd have to take the LIRR to get to Long Beach... and August is raining season... Hurricane season also starts in late August (Miami)... so please plan carefully... Vegas does not have any beach.. but plenty of pool and shopping... from your list LA is the only one where you'd be able to do all of the things that you mentioned... Enjoy...


Jul 4, 2010
I think I would second the vote for LA, or even Orange County (which has Disneyland if that is of any interest). OC is between LA and the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon which has a ton of designer outlets. Both OC and LA have nice beaches, but I am a bit more biased to the beaches in OC. I think some of the hotels by Disneyland/Anaheim area have shuttle services to both the outlets and LA. (Although, I am not sure how helpful a shuttle to LA would be, as you would still need a car to get around. The Cabazon outlets, otoh, are all in a row, so a simple drop off/pick up could work.)


Jul 16, 2010
Thank you for the replies! I'm deciding between LA or Miami.... which do you think is a better choice?

If I plan to go to Miami, we'll be going to Florida too but staying in Miami because I want to stay close to the beach.....

which is more worth the trip?


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Aug 8, 2006
Jamaica!! Gorgeous beach , good food. fabulous shopping. Perfect to just sit on the beach and veg. And has deals every Wednesday. Check online and see if there is anything you like. Have fun!


Jan 13, 2006
There is way too much traffic (stressful) and driving in LA. We just came home from there and the weather is not very warm. We stayed in Orange County and went to Huntington, Newport and Laguna Beach. The water was cold and so was the wind. I'd say go to Miami if you want sun and truly warm weather.


May 7, 2006
Well, you need a car in Miami too! You can stay in South Beach, but you're good outlet shopping is up in Sunrise (Sawgrass Mills) and designer shopping is further north too.

Good food though :smile:

I live in if I can help, just let me know!

Also, just keep in mind that hurricanes CAN pop up anytime and August is busy time for that. Also, it is hotter than hot here right now (until October really), humid, and it's rainy season. I'm on the water and we have little pop up storms all the time. Oh, and the water temps are in the mid-80s right now.