Needing some type of legal advice please

  1. :hysteric:Ok, I hope I'm posting in the right area, but I am very frustrated. I previously had worked for a company on a contract job back in August for just 2 days and have had the aggrevation of non payment. I've sent him NUMEROUS emails on payment and have kept all of the emails regarding when I would get paid and whatnot. It is now December and I still haven't gotten paid. He is a staffing agency that gets contracted by a comapany to hire me for work. I've called the original company that hired him to see if they have paid him and indeed they have, back in AUgust! I emailed the other 2 girls that I worked with and they never got their checks either. It's only a $300 check, but I feel cheated. I mean, I worked for it. Argh. I was thinking of filing a small claims report, but his company is based in Florida, and I am here in Texas. WIll it be ridiculous for me to spend the money to file a report? Should I just give up and leave it be? I just emailed him threatening legal action and he emailed me back right away. This just proves that he has been skimming through all of our emails. I know I can get a statement by the company that hired him on their payment towards his company as well as the other 2 girls. I also have saved all of his emails on the PROMISE of payment. Of course that fell short. I'm just so frustrated now and he seems like the type of guy that thinks he can get away with it. What to do? Thanks ladies for letting me vent! =):crybaby:

    P-s-= He just emailed me back and said-'"Thank you for the notice. BTW, your check was mailed out OVER a month ago. Did you not check with the other girl to verify if she received hers? I will show the check to the courts as my proof." and "I will have legal get together our appropriate documents."

    * I never received a check from his company nor have I deposited anything. He's making it seem as though he can win! Can that be so? Can he prove I deposited a check I NEVER DID?
  2. I think I'd email him and ask him to send you the canceled check as proof of payment. Could it be possible that someone else got their hands on it and cashed it?

    Also make sure if he agrees to send a document that he sends it with some sort of tracking/signature required. That way he can't say he sent it and it got lost in the mail.
  3. I just spoke to them and they said they haven't gotten anything. They gave up a while back, but I'm still trying. I will email him about the cancelled check. He just emailed me again with a smug attitude. I'm getting so aggrevated.
  4. Tell him that if he does not provide adequate proof of the sent payment that you will prosecute. Maybe you also want to hint that you will report him to the Better Business Bureau. That might put a fire under him.
  5. I did!! I threatened him 2 months ago about the Better busines Bureau and he didn't even reply. The audacity. I even sent him an email indicating that I was going to to go small clams 2 months ago. NOTHING. I finally tried 2 months later and he finally emails me back. So now he's mocking me for, and I quote, "a small amount of money."

    Thanks for your advice Lori.
  6. You need to file with the TX state dept of employment. (I had this happen years ago) They will be all over him like a cheap suit.
    File with Florida too just to put him on their radar.
  7. So do I file with the TX department even if his company is in FLorida?

    I googled it in, do you know what section it is under? Thank you so much for the advice.

  8. Hey girl, will the wage form work for a contract job? I just called the office and they said I might have to do small claims report, but that I could try. Thanks in advance.