Needing some serious LV advice!

  1. Alright, so I got my new Damier Speedy 25 a few weeks ago, and I've been carrying it religiously ever since. It's my first Speedy, and I'm just enamored with it :love:

    But I want a monogram one SOOOOOOO bad. It's all I think about! I scour eBay daily and ELUX's Mono Speedy 25 page is in my top ten website hits every day! This is bad! I just LOVE the look of the monogram and the only monogram bag I have is my pochette. As I've been carrying the damier and reading about you ladies who get the envious stares and such when you carry your monogram, I realize, no matter how shallow it sounds, that I want my bag to scream "LV!!!"

    I also know that if I got the monogram Speedy I'd probably never carry the damier-- at least, not nearly as much-- no matter HOW gorgeous it is (Rensky, o Damier Princess, don't hate me!!) And there's no way I'll be able to afford the monogram speedy any time soon but I CANNOT get it out of my head-- darn you, LV!

    So what do I do?

    Sell a couple of my Coach bags on eBay (I only have a few and I love all of them) and buy the Speedy? My handbag collection is down to 7 or now, and I'd have to sell probably 2 of my Coach bags to get the rest of the money to afford the monogram. But I love my Coach bags.... one I know I'd have to sell is my black Legacy Shoulder bag from '06 and it's the only roomy black bag I have.

    Or, do I sell the damier? I really don't know if that's a good idea. I'm afraid I'd miss it, and that I should have both.... though I know once the mono came in the damier would be very neglected...

    Or do I just wait the (at least) 6 months it'll take me to save up enough money to buy the monogram Speedy 25? Since I don't work at Coach anymore I really don't have any frivolous money to spend on a $600 handbag, kwim? My credit card's limit is less than the Speedy, also, so that's not an option. I've got about $150 saved, so.... yeah. Hopefully you guys all understand that I make mid-30's salary so lots of expensive bags are just... well, a dream for me :girlsigh:

    What do you think, ladies (and guys)? Any suggestions I haven't covered? Am I just stupid/shallow for being so addicted to LV that I CANNOT get this out of my head? Have any of you ever dealt with this? I'm re-reading this thread and I swear I sound like a meth addict or something! (needfixmusthaveLVneedgottagetfixneedLV :roflmfao: )

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. If you really want the monogram speedy and you love your coach bags, you should wait until you've saved up enough money. You'll love your new monogram speedy even more knowing how long you had to wait to get it.
  3. razorbackbelle0, I feel your pain! And I'm going to respectfully disagree with Thruhvnseyes. If you really and truly think that you are going to die without the Mono Speedy (and I don't care how shallow your reasons, ;), we've all been there or we wouldn't be here!) and you really and truly think that if you get the Mono Speedy you will ignore your Damier, then by all means, unload the Damier and get the Mono! You may have to take a little financial loss on the Damier, given that it is not brand-spankin'-new, but that is the price we pay for our fickle natures. No reason to feel like you HAVE to carry a certain purse if you would rather be carrying a different one. God... purses are for FUN, not punishment!!
  4. Maybe you can buy the Mono Speedy first, see how you like it, and if you like it so much that your Damier doesn't get any use, you can sell that. That way, if you get the Mono and suddenly you don't like it for some reason (it happens), you'll still have your Damier.
  5. are you really in love with your damier speedy so much that if you got rid of it, you'd miss it? it sounds like you'd rather have a mono speedy than damier. if i were you, i'd sell the damier speedy. i have a thing against having two or three of the same TYPE of bag, just different pattern. i have a vintage gucci that's in the style of a speedy with the gucci monogram on it. so being me, i'd never get an lv speedy. because that just seems ridiculous to me. seem to really like both. if you really want to keep your damier speedy, and don't want to sell any more of your coach (i love coach btw too!), then i'd say just try to be patient *cringe!* and save up enough to purchase a mono speedy.

    lol, was that no help? haha, sorry! let us know what you decide sweetie! :biggrin:
  6. Did you love the damier that much before you bought it? If so, I'd keep that, sell the bags you don't need and then save a bit for the Speedy. I waited 9 months for my mono speedy and it was worth the wait as I have had him for 3 years and he is still being used and is still fab. Just hang on and enjoy the fact that you already have a nice LV bag!
  7. Ok, now remember, this is just MY opinion...

    1. Ditch the Coach bags, sell them, move on LV
    2. Use that $$ and buy the speedy
    3. I promise, you will NEVER look back !!

    lol :smile:
  8. ^^:roflmfao:
  9. Totally agree!!!
  10. Yessss ! :graucho::graucho:

    Seriously, my Coach bags don't see the light of day anymore !
  11. I've noticed that I tend to run in pairs, two speedies (azur 25 and mini lin 30), two noes, epi mandarin and white MC, I had two pochettes, but now only one...I'm voting for the damier and the mono speedy, I think it's two great pieces for a collection. But, if you don't want the damier, trade her in for the mono, we always take a little loss on a trade-in.
  12. FWIW

    Option 1 - (Best LV Option) Sell the Coach, use the money for the Mono.

    Option 2 - (Fastest way to afford Mono but Not good for LV) Sell the Damier and the Coach, buy the Mono, use any $$ remaining to toast goodbye to the Damier!
    Get drunk.
    Hope you have no sorrow the next day!

    Option 3 - Involves finding and betrothing a millionaire real quick so probably not a viable option!

    I'd go with Option 1 - but LV is unbeatable to me so that's easy! :roflmfao:
  13. lol... millionaires are never a viable option, cause we end up paying dearly in one way or the other...:p That's why I work hard, so I can buy my own LV and don't have to listen to no darn millionaire:p

    But, these were some really good options! :okay:
  14. AGREEEEEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!!!!!:yes::tup::yes::tup::heart:;)
  15. I can completely relate!! I get obsessive over bags I want a lot of the time. I would recommend selling whatever Coach bags that you don't use anymore and saving for the difference... maybe don't go out for that expensive dinner, or buy that blouse/shoes/jeans that you saw. As for whether you'd stop using your damier once you get the mono... I think its inevitable. Have you considered a mono Speedy 30 instead? ;)