Needing some pink/neutral

Dec 10, 2008
So I realized that I have three hot pink shirts and a sweater. Why I'm not sure. I'm not really into pink, but I think one shirt is good to have. The problem is I guess I forget what I have when I go shopping.

Sooo... any suggestions as to what bags are at the outlet now that would look good? I don't care for the newer heritage stripe.
Dec 30, 2005
The light gray leather sabrina looks AWESOME with pink! I just got mine and it looks amazing next to a coral sweater that I just got from J. Crew. It also looks fabulous with light pink and, oh - just about any other color you can imagine!


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May 7, 2008
The later versions of the Ergo Pleated Framed Satchel in pink patent has a tan/neutral lining which sounds like what you're after. They're currently available at the outlets If you want something hot--the chocolate Zoe has a hot fuscia lining. Personally, I love my Magenta Ergo Pleated Framed Satchel with the pink lining because I love pinks and deep purples.

If you want something summery, you could get the Hampton's Archive Straw bags available online and at the boutiques. The colours are neutral/straw/pink and have vachetta handles and trimming that will patina with time. That's why I avoid LV mono canvas printed bags because I don't like patina-ing vachetta.

Good luck in making a decision on what you want.


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Nov 8, 2008
SO many colours will go with pink. Why not wear one of the pink shirts when you go to the outlet? That way you can model different bags and see which one looks best to you. Can't wait to see what you pick!


Apr 21, 2007
Ya know...I just reread your thread title. If you're looking for something pink and/or neutral then you might like the putty Madison leather. I'm not sure what styles came in putty, but I know they made a small Sabrina and they're at the outlets. Have fun finding just the right shade for the pink in your wardrobe.
Feb 18, 2009
Do you care for a swingpack? I've always find pink bags are not for me but I do need one just to match some of the outfits that go better with pink purses.

So I got myself a pink patchwork swingpack & I can't wait for it to arrive through the mail. The colours on it are very subtle and not too pinky which I cannot take it.

Good luck to your outlet shopping.... so envious.

Pic borrowed from ebay.