Needing some information?

  1. :shrugs: Hello, I am new to hermes. So I have a few questions. If there is a 1 yr or 2 yr waiting list for a birkin then if you buy one now online is it authentic? Do you have to buy one from hermes in paris? Dont Laugh.. I have no idea! Enen if the seller offers dust covers,raincoats,cards,boxes, etc.. whatever comes with the bag how do you know if it is real? How can I tell if my handbag is the real deal? Can you buy the real one on eBay? Where is the best place to purchase one? What is the most sought after Hermes today? What is the top bag? Do they control who sells the bags/ Thank You... I appericate the information> Kamie
  2. I replied to your earlier post... please see my response. Thanks.
  3. Hi Kamie! Please spend some time doing site searches and reading the previous threads about waiting lists and authenticity. We have an entire authenticity thread on the Reference board. Good luck getting your dream bag!