Needing some information?

  1. Hello, I am new to the Hermes world so I have a question. If the waiting list for a birkin is 1 yr to 2 yrs then if you buy one online now is it authentic? I don't understand how all the works. If you buy a authentic one does it have to come from hermes in paris. Don't Laugh I just do not know anything about this bag. How can you make sure that your bag is the real deal? Even if they offer keys,covers,cards,rain coats,dust covers, etc.. whatever you get with the bag..... How can you make sure all that is real? Where is the best place to get one that you know for sure is authentic? Explain the waiting list... What is the most sought after Hermes bag Today? Can you get the real deal on eBay?
    Thank You, Just Curious
  2. Welcome!!

    I would suggest that you spend some time in the Hermes Shopping threads above - there is an authentication thread, along with lists of trusted resellers... There are authentic Hermes items on eBay but you must do your homework!