Needing opinion so I can head to LV

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  1. I recently sold one of my bag for cheap and have extra cash.
    I really really really love the vernis accessories and debating which to get.
    So now I need your opinion.

    heres the option
    1. Vernis Heart Purse Violette
    2. Vernis Heart Purse Pomme
    3. Vernis Heart Purse Amarante
    4. Vernis key and change(big one) in violette

    Please help me choose it.. It have to match with damier azur, ebene, watercolor speedy.
  2. ^^ thats what I was thinking.. I tried to find picture of watercolor speedy and heart in pomme but all the search came up with violette...
  3. Oh my, you really want the Heart Purses, don't you? lol, it's okay. I'm not a fan of them though. I would honestly choose the large Cles since it also serves as a mini-wallet as well as a pretty charm. The Heart Purses are nothing more than a charm. But eh, whatever.

    I would go for the large Cles. To be honest. But whatever you choose!
  4. ^^ im actually not gonna put money into any of them... too precious to put dirty money j/k
    gonna use it as charm though...
  5. okay buh bye money im going to southcoast to get something...
    thanks for opinions girls... ill post picture when I come back with something
  6. You're welcome. :amuse: I cannot wait to see what you get. Take care.
  7. Pomme