Needing my 'enablers'...

  1. Okay. So I have a classic flap on hold. It's the one that I have finally decided that I "need" in my collection. It's black caviar w/ silver hardware. I dealt with a GREAT SA over the phone. I am to pick her up on Friday. :yahoo:

    Here's the thing: It's $2400 cdn. I can totally afford it - that's not the issue. However it's 2400 freakin' bucks!! Last Nov. I spent $1060 on my first LV - and I had a hard time with that. I thought there was NO WAY I could spend more than that on a bag... But here I am w/ a Chanel on hold.

    I am concerned about where I'll go from here. Do I really need this bag? I could go and donate this $$ to charity - but does that make more sense? This is a classic flap - it's an investment... an heirloom.. DH spent $3000 on his new rims a couple years ago... I am totally justifying myself BUT I need more.. help a chanel-chic out? Oh man!:push:
  2. A classic flap is simply a necessity!:graucho:
  3. Most of the Chanels right now are worth around $2000. So really, you are buying a Chanel at a fair price. It's caviar, so it will last longer and it's easily fixable ;)

    AND you will love it. Love it. ADORE it.

    So much that you will take super extra care with it and you will feel so much better. You will feel great carrying Chanel. It goes with everything! It never goes out of style ;)

  4. You're $1,000+ Louis Vuitton bag was mostly canvas, we are talking about leather here with Chanel.

    Every lady/girl/woman needs to have a classic Chanel in her wardrobe.:yes:
  5. its a must have and good investment!! Its worth it!!!
  6. Absolutely a must have for your bag wardrobe. Not a question!! :smile:
  7. You guys, are SIMPLY the BEST.
  8. We start to inch our way up, don't we? After we spend $1000 or $2000, a couple of times... $2500 doesn't freak us out as much.

    It's a great classic bag and one you will have for years. If it were a seasonal bag that you might not want to use next year, that would be different. But this is a timeless piece, so I think you should get it while you can...

    Who was the "great" SA that you spoke to? I didn't know we had any. ;)
  9. I can hear you, it IS a lot of money to spend on a bag :nuts:
    But I do think it is an investment you surely won't regret in the long end. You will be the very proud owner of a truly Chanel classic, which will never go out of style.

    It's like you said: you do need this in your collection and you will LOVE it, go for it!! :wlae:
  10. I spoke to Carol at the Bloor Chanel. I was given her name by another tPFer - and she was really excited when I told her that she came highly recommended! She was really friendly and nice.

    Thanks for all the encouragement Chanel sistahs!! :p
  11. Will we soon see pics of a new Chanel family member?

  12. ITA!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:

    : an addiction looms ahead! :sos:
  13. Keep in mind that 15 years ago 35K was a lot to spend on a car, now it seems not so much, homes used to be affordable, and eggs were 50 cents a dozen. Everything goes up. Get it now, because someday will never come.
  14. Don't second guess your self here. That is a classic bag and a Chanel must!
  15. :devil:

    You will have that bag FOREVER.
    Totally worth it.