needing mac makeup at discount

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  1. does any one have a freind/relative /sa or any one who works at belks or mac counter
    wanted to get mac make up cheaper
    if you know any one please let me know thanks
  2. um actually theyre not supposed to share the discount. mac SAs can get fired over that actually. (and of course for selling their gratis)

    but, if you are an esthetician/cosmetologist or makeup artist you can sign up for a pro card to get 30% off. if you just do hair or work in industy it is 20% off.

    work for mac and get 60% off
  3. just go to a CCO, their mac makeup is marked down atleast 30%.
  4. Shallow1, what's a CCO?
  5. if you go to a "Company Store" - they allow people who work in nearby companies (just show your employee ID) to shop there and everythings usually marked down. not sure of the percentages.
    i bought a MAC Studio Fix powder for like $17 i think, when its usually $27.
    They have other brands too like Clinique, Prescriptives, Estee Lauder, etc. They sell makeup, facial/beauty/lotion items, and perfumes too at discount prices.

    hope that helps!
  6. If you return 6 empty containers (for recycling) of MAC products to any MAC store, you will receive a free lip gloss or eye shadow. You may also return the empties to Nordstroms, but they will only offer you an eye shadow of your choice.
  7. When did Nordstroms change their policy, use to be free lipstick with 6 empties
  8. mac discount is great. :smile: i get 30% off.
  9. people aren't supposed to do a lot of things with their employee discounts, but we do. I'm sure many of use have been privy to those discounts by being friends of someone.....Too many post I've read: "A friend works at XXXX and I got a great handbag at a nice discount"

    hazel06 PM me with what you need, I may be able to help you.
  10. I have the Mac Pro card and can get 30% on all items except for make brush gift sets. Holla at me if you want for me to get them for you. You would have to pay for the items (of course) and shipping. I live in Texas.
  12. eBay express....I have found some great MAC in packages...great prices. I do not live near a mall at all so its a great way to try new colors.
  13. ebay is great. but there are a lot of fake eyeshadows now. =/
  14. ^agree. MAC is HIGHLY faked on ebay.