Needing Kooba but selling forum is gone?

  1. I'm out of the loop. Did they do away with the trade and sell portion of this board. I'm looking for a Kooba Nisha a little below retail. Absolutely none on Ebay. NM wants 22 for shipping, I was hoping to find one at a slight deal in toffee. Anyone have one?

    If not, I guess it's NM here I come. I have no idea what Kooba's shipping is. You can't find out until you submit all of your info.

    So, as of this moment, I am still after a Kooba Mia and a Kooba Nisha. Then I will have all the Koobas and IF's I want and it's off to another designer. Could be Mulberry or a Paddington.
  2. JC Madison has the Nisha in Toffee for $402.50. I was just on the site looking at the Siennas and Scarletts.
  3. I looked up JC Madison and I got tanning salons and auto supplies. What kind of place is this? Definately authentics? Can you send me a link? Thanks!
  4. Wooohoooo. I got it. 402 free shipping!!! Thank you so so much. Should be here in 3 days, I owe you one Tori. You Rock!
  5. Glad to help! You seem to be a Kooba expert - what do you think of the Sienna in black and the embossed Sienna?
  6. Well, I am not a fan of black. That's just a personal preference BUt if you are talking about the JCMadison site the Black embossed Sienna is 200 bucks off and Free shipping. What a deal! And now with Ebay deluged with Fake Koobas (especially Seinnas) it's a scary place to drop 4-5 hundred dollars. I think the embossed ones are darling but I already have my Army Metallic Scarlett that I love and am using right this minute and I don't want to buy 2 of the same style bag. If you don't have a Kooba currently I don't think you'd be disappointed. This will be my 3rd and I love the leather and quality. Some people have different opinions.
    Thanks again for your help!
  7. There's a promotional code (20%off or 30% off) for JCMadison, I don't know if it's applicable to sale items.
  8. Ack! What's the code?
  9. Never mind - found it and it doesn't work on sale items...... Oh well, I ordered the bag anyway!
  10. Tori, hope you will like it. =)
    I recently returned a white AB Saddle bag to JCMadison -- credit was given right away (notified via e-mail as well). Their services seem pretty good.
  11. Thanks for the website Tori! Great to know about this one. Great bags on sale too!
  12. I ordered over the phone and the lady was ultra nice and helpful. I got a tracking email in an hour or so. I can't believe I got that much off on a Nisha. She said they were trying to rid their stock of Spring items so they could make room for more. It was perfect timing for me to ask and Tori to post that link. Too bad they had no Mia's on sale or I would have been a very bad girl.