needing help on this bag

  1. Do you want this authenticated? If so, the Authenticate thread is up there at the top of the forum :flowers:

    Otherwise it's a gorge bag!
  2. btw, what is the retail price of this bag, anyone? thanks
  3. Don't know exactly but these are as much, if not more than Birkins.
  4. That's what I read, too.
  5. oh oki... so what I offered the seller is way too low then.. thanks all for the feedback..
  6. ^^ BUT, the resale on this bag won't be like the Birkin. So a Birkin from the same year will fetch a MUCH higher cost. :smile:
  7. bluxcape...I have a black Drag w/palladium HW 32cm which I bought about two years ago. I paid $8300. My 30 Clemence Birkin purchased last October was $6300.
  8. ^^^WOW! Thanks, lovehermes.
  9. thank you for the information... i appreciate it very much...thanks again.